I am extremely passionate about finding out success principles from God’s Word. I also love to follow it up with putting those discoveries into actions and also to produce guides and to create platforms that will teach others these discoveries.

My personal slogan

My personal slogan in life is that “Every problem has its solution in the Word of God”

My books and information products

I love to write and read books and I love to create problem-solving books in other formats so that as many people as possible can use them for their growth and development in Christ Jesus. To me, Jesus is EVERYTHING and He should dominate everything I teach, speak, sing or do.

I have written lots of problem-solving books and have produced lots of other information products. I have produced information products on personal development, business development, inspiration and motivation, skills development, education, and academic success.

Christian uniqueness

Our problem-solving organizations

Through His grace, I run the following organizations:

  • SesanOguntade.com: This very website where you are reading about me. It is dedicated to teaching practical biblical success principles. It is over 10 years and It has been of great use to a lot of people.
  • NowNowBooks.com.ng: This is a platform I set up to help authors write, produce, publish, market, and sell their books and other information products. We have helped lots of authors in one way or the other.
  • JobZoneNews.com.ng: This is the most exciting online news portal in Nigeria. It gives out information majorly in the areas of business, tech news and job and career news.
  • Visionary Business Project: This is a Christian initiative with the vision of raising problem-solving, Godly CEOs and work-place professionals. You need to see the operational chart of this divine program here.
  • The Book Academy: This is our Bible Training School. It is a Christain personal and business development training school. There are many online video courses that have been produced under this platform that has been of great use to others. Watch out for the dedicated online platform for this Bible school.
  • Solutioners Christian Center: This is our Christian fellowship Center where we raise problem-solvers in the society.


My Author Bio on Ebooks stores

Sesan Oguntade teaches success secrets, faith stories, and shares free Christian personal development books at his website and blog. He uses Christian principles to solve practical problems of the people and society.

He has used the platform of books, online video courses, and podcasts to offer practical solutions to problems on negative habits, business, money and finances, and personal development.

His problem-solving book series like Bible Short Reports and Faith-Based Business book series have lots of titles that have helped lots of people online for many years now.

He blogs regularly at https://sesanoguntde.com. He is married to Olutoke Oguntade and they are blessed with children (Abigael, Maranatha, and Treasure)

If you want to get in touch with me: Please call +234-08034300979 or use the contact form.

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