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Best-selling Christian romance novel, The Prostitute, becomes a movie! What happens when a morally upright man decides to get married to a long-term notorious prostitute? Watch movie today or click poster to watch

Best selling christian romance film

Check out these powerful testimonies of faith. The following are some of the impacts our Christian organization is making in the society and in the lives of the people over the years as shown here by the comments of users of our different platforms.
Please read the views of the people. If you have been influenced by any of our platforms in the past, please contact us here to let us know.
You can also be a part of this divine initiative by sowing a seed here as the Lord will lay it in your heart.

Read the powerful testimonies of faith through emails/blog comments

“Thank you for your reply, sir… And yes I read Doctrines of Demons and sir it really opened my eyes to see the way the devil has been cheating us believer… I really thank God for letting me come across your books. Thank you, sir, and many more blessings to you sir…”
Ogbu Benjamin,
benjahbless.obj (at)
“Dear Sesan,
I am reading your book (How to stop fear spiritually) at present, it’s very inspiring. Please email me a copy of the prayer lines. Kind regards,
Atul Pingulkar, From India.”

“Very inspiring insight sir. As a Christian, it comes again as a reminder that it takes that great backup from the Almighty God to have any impact that will in the end glorify God. My soul and faith in going ahead and serve God and mankind through a Christian business project are quickened again.
Thank you, sir.”

Rosemary A.
chiddybest (at)

Powerful testimonies of faith about The Prostitute Novel (a Christian romance novel)

“I must confess the book was very touching, it taught me a lot about tolerance and adaptability to and with any personality. If Christ could forgive us how much more us. I have promised never to condemn no matter how terribly hurt I might be.” Omotayo Hussein Business Facebook page: Akrad Global Printing Enterprise
“It’s quite inspirational and awesome. The title of the novel prepares the needed suspense, intrigue and surprises.” Apata Sunday, Proprietor, JOGEM International Schools.
“It’s an interesting novel that every individual must be in possession of, it portrays the way to God, there’s no being that God can’t revive and it’s not over until it’s over. Stay bless.” Omolara Olufunke, Student, Osun State University, Nigeria.
“In marriage, understanding is the key.
Marriage is a contract that involves two parties receiving each other the way they are. Its more than a wedding or procreation, it’s about living together and correcting the ills of themselves. In other words, marriage is all about ”two forgiven forgivers. The prostitute’ is a revelational and expository book for all ages without limitation.” Bada O Marvelous
– Founder, Ablaze Christian Outreach.
“This is an exciting story. Steve accepted Serena with her blemish just like Jesus did for us… Christians can emulate the life of Steve and also learn to forgive and not condemn.” Ayoade Esther, Mother, and Teacher.
“Good afternoon, brother. Just gone through The Prostitute…thus far, it’s been captivating. I want to know what becomes of Steve and Serena. I am presently going through the second chapter…So far, I am enjoying the plot!” Odeyemi Oluwasanmi, Publisher.
“I just read the sample and I must say it’s gripping. The tenses are well used and it’s very descriptive. I’m eager to read more and see how this love twists out.” mezzyb (at)
The Prostitute novel is an exciting novel and it’s a must-have for every Christian home. The story is touching and can help couples to chase unforgiveness out of their marriages” Awolesi Olutoke Oguntade. Government Teacher, Nigeria.

Christian testimonies: What they said about our books on Amazon

Candice M. Donaldson reviewed 7 Reasons Why God Wants To Solve Your Problems: Christian Secrets to a Happy Life
“Very good book, short & to the point and backed with Scripture. Def will come back to read again when I’m feeling stuck. This book brings hope and understanding and best of all, the focus remains on God.”
Paul reviewed Doctrines of Demons: How to identify and avoid them
“Good most of the time. 1 Corinthians 12:13 makes it clear that we all have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. That is if we are born of God. We do not have to seek it as a “second blessing.”
Under a tree reviewed 7 Reasons Why God Wants To Solve Your Problems: Christian Secrets to a Happy Life
“Really good. I am having health problems that are leading to anxiety problems and this book was a real straight to my heart kinda book. I truly believe God brought me to this book because i found it without even “wanting” to. On my way to a better way. Truly.”
Sharon Belew reviewed How to Launch Your Business as a Christian: Even if you have no start-up money and with…
“This short e-book was exactly what I was looking for to help start small businesses in Haiti. The concepts work in any culture and the Scripture references confirm the points are right on track.”
Jay Calk reviewed Doctrines of Demons: How to identify and avoid them
“This was a very true book and very easy to read. I want to read more from this author.”
Paul buckwalter reviewed Doctrines of Demons: How to identify and avoid them
“Systematically covers traditional Christian dogma. Do not water it down. Serves as a good pep talk, though it is not about demons or the devil. Such things figure prominently in the Bible but are outside of mainstream teaching and not really examined here.”
Mikhail Vershinin reviewed Doctrines of Demons: How to identify and avoid them
“This book is a must-have for anyone who needs to sharpen themselves. There is so many teachers of the devil out the guard your hearts. Read the book!!!”
Amy43 reviewed You Can Stop Masturbation! (Addiction Treatment): And End Any Addiction and Substance Abuse…
“Hahahaha! OMG that cover photo! Priceless. maybe you can but I don’t think that guy survived that one!”
Aussiescribbler reviewed You Can Stop Masturbation! (Addiction Treatment): And End Any Addiction and Substance Abuse…
“I was given a free copy of this book to review. I can only do so from the perspective of a happy non-Christian masturbator. For all, I know there may be countless individuals who felt that masturbation was a problem for them and who have been rescued from an addiction to it by God and Sesan Oguntade’s book. I look forward to reading about this in their five-star reviews of it. Why would God want someone to give up…Read More…”
Snowdiva reviewed How to Maintain Focus and Concentration: Practical Christian tips on how to avoid distractions,…
“I’m sure I will like it. I haven’t read it yet.”
Jewel reviewed How to Maintain Focus and Concentration: Practical Christian tips on how to avoid distractions,…
“I was truly blessed and encouraged others to read this book. The advice, scriptures and testimonies have inspired me to push and look to God for my success.”
Thought on a Wind reviewed You Are A Story Away From Stopping Masturbation
“I am a chronic masturbator. I mean, day in, day out, non-stop, my hands don’t leave my pants. My wife is okay with that though she finds it weird when I don’t quit when the dog comes in or during funerals…Lately, I’ve been wondering, wwjd about the friction blisters that come with habitual heavy masturbation? The answer didn’t come…. I am a man of faith and try extremely hard to keep my hands out of my pants at…”
Codelady97 reviewed 52 Bible Secrets For Your Business Success: And how organizations have used these secrets…
“Being a Christian I was able to relate to the Biblical principles of operating a business. My business has increased by 15% since reading and applying the techniques in this book. Great for Kindle owners.”
Thank you for going through these Powerful testimonies of faith from users of our platforms over the years.

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