October 4, 2018

Visionary Business Project

Vision: To raise God-conscious, God-fearing and problem-solving CEOs, entrepreneurs, and work-place professionals that will conduct activities in their businesses and work places to glorify God on this earth.

About the project:

faith based business
This is the period we all have to understand how God sees the business we run. This is the end time and we all must know that the platform of business and its profits have been (and will always be) tools in the hands of God for the furtherance of His plans and purpose for this earth.

God is interested in that business you run. We need Visionary business owners in our world today. CEOs who will play the game in the market places the way God wants it and also use their businesses to advance the cause of God for this earth.

Isaiah 60:2 screams that problems (darkness) will always cover the earth and gross problems the people. When there are problems, businesses and business ideas come to solve the problems. Visionary business owners use the light of God which they have as a result of the glory of God that has risen upon them (Isaiah 60:1) to solve these problems with their businesses.

VB project gives a complete blueprint for you to make more profits as an entrepreneur or as a work-place professional serving God and man effectively with your business or profession.


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