How to get prayers answered by representing faith materially (Video)

How to get prayers answered

This video will teach you how to get prayers answered through the representation of your faith materially or physically. This video teaching is part of my new online course, The Miraculous. This video on trusting God contains a practical demonstration

New online course on the Christian faith: The Miraculous

online course on the christian faith

I’m excited to inform you that I just published a new online course on the Christian faith. It’s called, The ‘Miraculous.’ So much work went into this and I believe it’s going to be the biggest and the most simple-to-use

Christian Faith Principles Course (Text format)

christian faith

Course Title: Christian Faith Principles Course Subtitle: How to get miracles from God and achieve success in your business or workplaces with your faith. Description: This Christian Faith Principles course is filled with lots of practical stories and illustrations. It is