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9 types of other gods you may be serving
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9 types of other gods you may be serving

Just before I go ahead to show you the 9 types of gods you may serving without your knowledge, let me first of all tell this important information about what will always be the lots of the other gods people serve and also those who serve them.

The gods always go into captivity

Sure, that is always their destination – bondage and captivity! I want you to look at what God’s prophet puts it. Prophet Jeremiah declared the decree of God against Moab. He said, “And chemosh (your god) shall go into captivity…” Jeremiah 48:7 (AMP).

A superior decree came from God almighty and the gods went into captivity.

What is then the lots of the worshipers of these gods?

The question is: “What is going to be the lot of the worshipers and blind followers of these blind gods?” Let us look at it from the same scripture.

Well the answer is simple. We don’t need an Angel to tell us what their lots would be.

“And chemosh (your god) shall go into captivity…his priests and his princes together.” Jeremiah 48:7 (AMP).

Goliath and his followers perished

The followers and worshipers of other gods will also go into captivity. When Goliath died, his Godless followers and nation went down with him.

It is dangerous to follow a blind god. The destination of blind gods are set already – they will go into captivity.

Abandon the blind gods

Abandon the blind gods as we plan to enter a new year. Forsake the blind gods in order to escape going down with them.

9 types of other gods you may be serving

Now let me show you as promised the gods you may already be serving without your knowledge.The gods can be any of the following:

1. Money
2. Human beings
3. Your pastor
4. Position in the church
5. Power
6. Material things
7. Your parents
8. Idols
9. Your boss or colleagues

You should check what you love and give obeisance to above God and His Word. That is the god you need to abandon before the new year rolls in.

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