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Can a student have a business?

If you are a student, you have probably asked the question, “Can a student have a business?” If you want the simplest answer to this question on whether students can run a business, then you will have it in the new teaching series we just began at our Youth Shine Outreach WhatsApp group.

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Can a student have a business? How

A student can have a business. A student can start and run a business while in school. This is possible and it won’t affect the flow of studies or academic work of the students.

We have seen students who have done very well combining higher institution education and business. In fact, some have even ended up scoring good grades that are better than those who don’t run businesses.

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Can a student have a business?: About priority

Combining business and education is all about getting your priorities right as a Student Entrepreneur. You must also be very hardworking.

Agreed, it will take some moments of entertainment and pleasure from you but if that should be a sacrifice you pay to put your financial future in good standing, then I believe it’s worth all the sacrifice and efforts from you.


Joseph as a youth Entrepreneur

Joseph, in the bible, found himself at the helm of affairs in a foreign land at a very young age. He became a top government administrator and an entrepreneur as a youth in Egypt. He did excellently well.

When you are with God and He is with you, you can run a successful business as a student before you graduate from school. When you learn the principles and you are ready to work hard, you can become a successful student in business.


Teaching series in students in business

We began a teaching series on students having a business in our Youth Shine Outreach WhatsApp group. I will be reproducing the introduction below. You can join the WhatsApp group here.


Introduction to Students in business series

This teaching series is also useful to you if you are no longer a student and you want to start a business.


Can a student have a business: My story

My story to launch you into this teaching series  I was in a higher institution many years ago and I lacked the money to sustain myself in school. It was tough for me and some of my friends in those days.

But do you know something?

I had the skill that would have been turned into money to sustain me in school. I had the math teaching skills.

I could teach very well. I should have launched a small business around this then.


Math teaching after graduation

Do you know that after I graduated and served, it was these math teaching skills that I began to sell as a service to schools and I also wrote a book, about silly mistakes in mathematics. I sold lots of this book and made lots of money.

The question is: How come I couldn’t make a business out of this then while I was in school?

The answer is that: I was ignorant. I did not know how to go about it then.


Are you facing the same problem today?

The same problem lies with a lot of students and youth today. They don’t know how to create a business around the skill they possess.

It’s so sad, especially today when the economy is not doing very well. Students and youth put lots of pressure on their parents and they begin to suffer unnecessarily in school and even after graduation.


Can a student have a business?: My wife’s story

Let me briefly share my wife’s story too.

She was in school and she had the skill of hairdressing. She was so good at it that she was even doing it free in school for some friends.

She could not monetize it or create a business around it. She suffered so much in school.

So check yourself. What skills do you have? If you have one already, you will learn how to make a business out of it in this teaching series. If you don’t have any, you will learn how to get one or how to find out the one you have.


What is student entrepreneurship?

Student entrepreneurship is the process of creating or starting a business around your skills or experience while in school or even after graduation from school.

I hope I have introduced this series adequately. It’s Short and practical. Other classes in this series will be like that.

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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