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Christian Faith Principles (Video Format)

Course Title: Christian Faith Principles
Course Subtitle: How to get miracles from God and achieve success in your business or workplaces with your faith.


This Christian Faith Principles course is filled with lots of practical stories and illustrations. It is also filled with lots of Christian principles of faith that can help you to start walking effectively by your faith in God. It is short but contains powerful principles that can help your Christian faith.

Events in our world today has left Christians with no other options but to start flying with their faith. Only flying faithers will get Godly achievements in business or at their workplaces.

Test Questions: You will be able to take the test questions for this course at the end of the lectures.

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Lecture 1: Why You Need a Flying Faith


Lecture 2: My Humble Experience with the Christian Faith


Lecture 3: The Believe/Faith Chart

Lecture 4: Examples of Flying Faithers

Section 2: How to Fly With Your Faith

Lecture 5: Requirements to Fly With Your Faith (Part 1)


Lecture 6: Requirements to Fly With Your Faith (Part 2)

Lecture 7: A Recap of The Christian Faith Principles Course


Test Questions for Christian Faith Principles course

Test Questions

  1. In one sentence, what do you understand as the theme or purpose for this course?
  2. “3 friends (Collins, John, and Tom) got set to go on a journey to Ethiopia in Africa from the United States of America. Collins took a decision to undertake his journey by trekking to Ethiopia; John planned to undertake his journey by running to Ethiopia while Tom planned to fly to Ethiopia from America. In one or two short sentences, why do you think Tom will get to Ethiopia before the other two friends?
  3. In one sentence, who are flying faithers?

Lecture 2

  1. In two to three sentences, can you describe what you understood from the story of my humble experience with the faith walk with my wife?

Lecture 3

  1. List the contents of each of the boxes of the Believe-Faith chart.
  2. Until there is a believing reaction to God’s instruction or word or directives over an issue, a faith walk is impossible over that issue! True or False
  3. In one sentence, what is the role of the ‘Action’ box in your quest to fly with your faith?

Lecture 4

  1. Mention the faith flyers discussed under this lecture.
  2. In two sentences, how can you describe the interesting analogy used by the Centurion when he approached Jesus Christ for a miracle for his servant.

Lecture 5 and 6

  1. What are the requirements to fly with your faith?
  2. In one sentence, what is the role of the Spirit of God in your desire to fly with your faith?
  3. What is the foundational platform your faith must stand upon to fly?
  4. With a life full of prayers, the God-kind of faith will become an easy journey for you to embark upon consistently. True or False.
  5. In one short sentence, why is it necessary to write down the revelations or instructions you receive from God to fly with your faith?
  6. In one short sentence, how can staying in a faithless environment be a barrier to your quest to fly with your faith?


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