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This basic Christian wealth management principle in this story is part of the many basic Christian financial principles taught in my bestselling Christian novel, Wealth Codes.

I am sharing this part of the Christian novel with you today. The stories described below were taught in a fictional form and in a very practical way so that readers can learn the principles while they are also enjoying the story.

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Christian wealth management principles: Story of Bola Ajagun

Just before you go into this Christian wealth management principle in the story below, let me share with you what the setting of the story is all about.

Bola Ajagun was a Government teacher for many years. He had also been a Christian for many years observing all the needed biblical financial and wealth-building rules and instructions from the bible.

However, when Bola observed he was finding it difficult to pay the bills even though he was a devoted Christian, he decided to seek the face of God.

He traveled far away from home to seek personal prayer time with the Lord. While at the venue of his prayer retreat, he had a chance or divine meeting with the retired and very successful ministry leader, Pastor Daniel.

Pastor Daniel arranged lecture times for him to teach him sound Christian wealth management principles. The section of the story below is one of the classes where Pastor Daniel taught him how to save and reduce or eliminate debt.

Let the story continues from here…

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Christian wealth management

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Christian wealth management principle: Personal Saving policy

“Bola,” I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me you don’t have savings in place for yourself and your family.” Pastor Daniel started the following day’s lecture with a statement of fact about his observation and understanding of Bola’s financial life and status which only saw Bola nodding in agreement.

“You,” Pastor Daniel continued, “have barely lived throughout the month without borrowing from friends and your employer. This understanding helped me to reach that conclusion.”

Pastor Daniel paused to see if there would be any reaction from Bola but when he noticed there was none, he continued. “I’m not teaching savings today which is another wealth code you must know, I’ll be doing that tomorrow. I’ll be teaching ‘Debt Reduction and Elimination today.”

Pastor Daniel punched a key on the computer to display the topic of the day.

“If you’re able to plan your expenses effectively, become more of a seller than a buyer, have a proper plan in place to stop you from buying unnecessary products, and reduce or stop the frequency at which you go into debt, you’ll be able to have enough money that you can save monthly. You’ll even be so confident to take off a percentage of your monthly income as savings before you begin to spend from it.”

Bola smiled and adjusted his seat. Pastor Daniel noticed his excitement and said, “Why did you smile?”

“I’m excited about that possibility.”

“About what?”

“Your last statement sir.”

“What exactly got you excited?”

“That I’ll be able to take my savings off before I begin to spend from my salary.”

“And you love that.”

“Yes sir, I’ve tried to do that for years now but I’ve been unable to achieve it even for a single month. Before I receive my salary the money is already gone and most times not enough to pay the bills.”

Pastor Daniel noticed how Bola’s excitement some moments ago had turned into indifference after he made the last statement.

“Bola,” Pastor Daniel called out to him suddenly. “There’s no need to be disappointed in yourself. You’ll know the truth and the truth will set you free. You can live within the means of your salary. You can live your life debt free!”

Bola adjusted his seat once again and leaned forward resting his two elbows on the table in front of him.

“Bola, a group of twelve men and their boss entered into a boat to go on a journey. After some hours on the sea during the journey, a stormy wind arose and began tossing the boat upside down. The boss was fast asleep in the boat. The twelve men were scared they would lose their lives as a result of the tempest.”

“They became visibly worried and confused. The stormy situation in and around the boat did not give them the chance to think straight. They couldn’t fathom what to do to go forward. They tried to reduce the load in the boat but this did not help the situation. The stormy situation and confusion in the boat became fierce by the second.”

“Then they realized and were surprised that their boss was fast asleep in the boat. They woke Him up and asked Him if he wanted them to perish in the storm. The boss stood up and said ‘Peace be still’ to the storm and it became calm immediately. The twelve men were happy again and continued their journey with joy and peace. Bola, I’m sure you know where I picked this story from.”

“The biblical story of how Jesus calmed the storm on the sea.”

“You’re correct, Bola. You can find the story in Mark 4 verses 35 to 41. You should remember that during one of the opening lectures, I mentioned a principle called the ‘Peace Be Still Order’ of financial prosperity. This principle was inspired in my heart by the Holy Spirit through that bible story and the passage of Psalm 107 verses 25 to 30.”

“Many years ago, I and my wife were always going into unnecessary debts. We were always getting involved in unnecessary expenses. We were not living within our means. This stormy and confused situation affected our financial life. The debts were piling up every day. The interests we were paying on them were hitting us hard. We became like the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ in that boat. We were confused and clueless on what we were to do to turn things around.”

Pastor Daniel moved away from the lecture screen and took his seat and then continued the lecture.

“I began to put serious and hot prayers to God over the situation. After some time, the Spirit of God inspired me with the ‘Peace Be Still’ order or principle of financial prosperity. I understood that the debts and financial indiscipline that we have allowed are like the stormy wind on the sea that threw the twelve disciples into confusion in the boat. In that situation, the Spirit of God told me, we’ll never be able to think straight, plan right, and move from one level of financial prosperity to another. When you allow such a level of disorderliness around your finances, you’ll never be able to stay afloat or prosper financially. The Bible instructs us that we should let all things be done decently and in order.”

Pastor Daniel observed Bola’s reaction and noticed he wanted to make comments and said to him: “Do you want to say something?”

“I must confess I never knew that bible story could have something to do with financial prosperity principle.”

“You’re correct. I never knew that too. I’ve never read anything like that anywhere. It was a great ministration from the Spirit of God and it was spot on and exactly what I needed to know about our financial situation at that time. It addressed our financial woes at that time. We saw how heavy debt and disorderliness around our finances could stop our wealth-building plans.”

Pastor Daniel stood up from his seat and went straight to his computer, pressed a button which displayed a diagram on the screen.

“This infographics will show you in graphic form all I have taught you about the ‘Peace Be Still’ prosperity principle.”


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