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These fasting and prayer scriptures should help you tonleaen more about the importance and relevance of prayer and fasting for a Christian.

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Is fasting and prayer necessary

Fasting and prayer are necessary if we have to look at what the Lord commented through the various fasting and prayer Scriptures. Jesus said much about the need to fast and pray inone of His discussions with His disciples.

The disciples of Jesus found themselves unable to exercise authority over a spiritual problem and they asked Jesus why that was so. Jesus said to them it will be impossible ezccept by prayer and fasting.


Fasting and prayer scriptures: Prophet Isaiah

This is how Prophet Isaiah saw fasting and prayer through the inspiration of God;

Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, to cover him, and not to hide yourself from your own flesh?
Isaiah 58:7 ESV

I think there is a place for literally fasting for God’s people. Jesus Himself fasted and assumed His own followers would fast. We’re not to make a show of it however.


Fasting and prayer and giving

Isaiah puts another spin on fasting though. Instead of fasting for fasting sake, or to make us feel good about ourselves, Isaiah puts a positive spin on fasting. Instead of simply depriving ourselves of bread, why not provide it to those in need?

According to Isaiah, God counts provision for the poor as fasting. We might deprive ourselves of a Netflix subscription for example so we can invest in food and clothes for the needy.

To call for people to house the homeless seems a big ask, yet Isaiah insists that this kind of thing is spiritual fasting.

Our gut reaction when we see a homeless person might be to cross by on the other side of the road. Yet they are flesh and blood like us. Not only so, but they have souls and spirits. Should we treat them like animals?


Authentic Christian Leadership


Prayer time

‘O Lord, help us to fast as You would have us do, not simply for show, but to bless the needy. For the glory of Your name, amen’

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