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Handling money
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Handling money training program: Tit bits

The handling money training program of the Visionary Business Project was held some days ago and it was a great experience sharing scriptural revelations about how to handle money with the vibrant students of the CAC students fellowship unit at the University of Ibadan.

Handling money program: How the students reacted

Handling money

It was a great joy to see how the Spirit of God took charge of the program and helped us to expose biblical-based truth about how to handle or relate or manage money.

The students were excited all through the duration of the about 2-hour session. The excitement showed on their faces at the end of the program.

Tits bits about the handling money training program

The following are the various exciting revelation the Spirit of God shared with us at the program:

  • Money is good, only the love of money is bad
  • You only love God and not money
  • Money can become a spiritual force you can’t control because it is extremely relevant to everything we do in life
  • You need a higher spiritual force to master and conquer money – that higher spiritual force is God
  • You need to become born again to have the help and the power of God to master and conquer money
  • You must get the right education if you want to handle money effectively
  • You must be disciplined; you need self control
  • You must have a plan and goals set
  • You must be a tither
  • You must grow above ten percent; you should be able to lay everything at the feet of God if He asks you for it
  • And more…

Video of how to handle money training loading soon

The video of the teaching will be live very soon. Please be on the lookout on this page. We are also doing a home video course on this topic. Watch out again on this page.

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