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How to run with a vision as a Christian

How to run with a vision was one of the first set of information I desperately searched for when I began to understand the relevance of a vision as a Christian. I read many quotes from mentors and other great achievers on the topic of vision and I fell deeply in love with the need to start running with a vision in life.


What does it mean to run with a vision?

The Bible records that “My people perish because they lack vision”. This shows clearly that anyone who is not living or conducting affairs in his life or business according to a received vision will end up as a failure.

A vision in place helps you to have an important guide that can always get you committed to a cause until you have achieved it. It is more rewarding when the vision is from God.

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A discovery that set me on the right road

Sometimes ago, I discovered a great secret that has empowered me to crush obstacles that appear on my way whenever I plan to achieve a set goal in business. I am sure you know that obstacles are the ever-present, ‘unwanted guests’ that come visiting whenever you plan to start and finish business projects.

They show their “faces” the moment you make the decision to embark on any developmental project. They are true “enemies” of progress and destroyers of project goals if you allow them to be all these to you and your project.

I found a great solution to these problems. I received an understanding on how I can deal with these “enemies” of progress. One of my major weapons of warfare (and a major one for that matter) is the use of this six-lettered word called vision.


First step I took on how to run with a vision

I got the proper definition of a vision. I defined vision simply as “Knowing or seeing the end of a thing, project, task, adventure, journey before the start”.

This definition was strictly meant for me since it went a long way to address what I was facing at that time and what I wanted to achieve.


The second step I took on how to run with a vision

I defined my General-life vision and project visions. My perfect understanding of these two helped me to fully understand how I supposed to use the power of vision to achieve projects.

Now my “General-life Vision” and “Project Visions” are as follows and I believe the explanation will also help you to run effectively with a vision:

The former contains stories about my existence and God-assigned activities on this earth. It has stories about my purpose here on this earth.

The latter contains the bits and pieces of everything I do every now that push me more towards the achievement of my purpose on this earth. My project visions at every point in time must always agree perfectly with my general-life vision.

I go into every project seeing the end from the beginning. I have the result on paper and on my heart even before I start. Since I can see the result already, I am strongly motivated to deal with every obstacle that comes my way. This way, I have been very strong stepping on obstacles upon obstacles as I complete projects after projects.


My project visions are related to general-life vision

Let me inform you that I don’t go into any project that does not have any relationship with my general-life vision and also I have given God’s instruction a prominent place as I spell out my “general-life” and “project” visions.

I hope you will always give God an opportunity to help you spell out your visions. A discovery and a proper understanding of these visions before the start of any business project or task will go a long way to help you crush obstacles that may appear in the course of completing the project.

Further Reading: Acts 11:5, Acts 26: 19, Joel 2:28


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