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How to make time to pray despite your busy schedule

Usually, human beings will always create time for something when they first of all help themselves to see and understand that that thing is very important and necessary.

For example, If the Head Mistress of my daughter’s sschool should advise me to come to the school every day so as to help my daughter’s education, i ll surely create the time to do it out of my busy schedule.

Understand the Relevance of Prayer

So the first thing is for you to understand that prayer time is very important and necessary for you. When you fully understand and agree with this, then you will surely create the time for it.

Jesus Prayed So We Must Pray

Jesus was the busiest of people when He was here on the earth and despite the fact that He is God, He still created time to pray to the Father. He prayed till He died on the cross.

We always create time to eat, prayer time with God is of more importance to us than food. This is the reason why God’s Word says, Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that comes from God’s Word.

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Praying in the Middle of the Night

For very busy people, the middle of the night presents the best opportunity to pray to God while studying the Word of God.

Sometimes, some people can dedicate one day to do nothing but to stay in God’s presence.Some people will not leave the house every morning without staying in the presence of God praying and studying the Word of God for about 1 hour or more.

Prayer opens us up to a lot of revelation even something we are not even thinking about.

Creating time to pray to God shows to God that we love Him and that we only rely on Him for help. He is happy with us when we do that.

God is Happy When You Talk to Him in Prayer

It is like if your son decides not to talk to you again even though you are living in the same house. I am sure you will not like it. But when he is always happy talking to you about his life and problems, you will always be happy with him.

When you share what you are going through with a good friend, he is happy to do everything he can do to help you just because you shared your problem with him.

The same thing applies to God, when we talk to Him in prayer regularly, He is happy with us and will always desire to help us.

I believe the content of this post will help you to create good time to pray consistently to God.

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