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Nigeria and Nigerians and Mediocrity: How to Stop It

The match between Nigeria’s Super Eagles, the senior national football team and the Squirrels of Benin went a long way to expose again the high-level irresponsibility and corruption that have characterized the Nigerian nation and her people today.

NTA and Nigeria and Mediocrity

Mediocrity is the order of the day at all levels in this nation. If we have to look at the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) and the tv coverage of the football match with a third eye, we should understand that this is a general Nigerian problem. Both private and public organizations are guilty of this complex mediocrity in a nation that can give more than shred is giving.

The coverage was shambolic and it is something that should warrant the sack of somebody at the helm of affairs at NTA. The commentator was a complete mediocre. He ceaselessly referred to Alex Iwobi as a player of Arsenal fc when in actual fact, the player has transferred to Everton fc.

Even my 2- year old daughter heard about the news when the player moved to Everton fc. If NAT could allow such ‘football illiterate’ to run commentary for a match if that magnitude, then it means the management needs to answer some questions.

Our Online Research Results

At and We carried out a research sometimes ago which revealed interesting facts. We visited websites of common and popular private and public organizations and sent emails to them via their contact forms. The results showed how we are far behind in terms of standards in this nation at all levels.

We received only one response out of about 25. Some contact forms were put on the websites but were not functioning.

Our Research Emails to Online Bookstores in Nigeria

In an industry like publishing, we sent emails to online bookstores in Nigeria, we received no response even for the ones we were able to successfully fill and submit the forms. We put a call through to one of the bookstores, the phone rang ceaselessly but no one picked it up and no one called back!

Even most of the phone numbers on these websites were not working. Even the ones that worked, someone will answer and tell you, “Sorry i am no longer working with the company”

Even websites of our popular religious organizations are not left out of this.

Nigeria and Nigerians Don’t Value the Souls of the People

That is how we value the souls of lives and customers. You will need to put on your fighting armour anytime you want to visit a bank or the offices of any government agency or even offices of some religious organizations. If you don’t have your armour on, you will not be able to achieve your aims and objectives in those offices.

Nigerians Should Learn from Foreign Companies

Yet, as big as Amazon and Smashwords and other popular foreign companies are, we have received responses to emails sent to them.

Nigerians Should Do Individual Check Analysis

We need to really check ourselves at individual and organizational levels in this country to see where we have to improve. It is easier to blame others but can you confidently say to yourself that you will not do the same when you get into a top position or when you head an organization?

This mediocrity can’t be stopped by the leaders in government, though they can help out. The work should start from the individual level to the famiy and then to the society, the national and international levels.

We are so quick to criticise today yet, we have not cleaned up our own individual mess.

Nigeria and Nigerians Need Jesus

In case you want to know, Jesus can help you to clean up your mess and you will become a good ‘tool’ in His hand to help others and this nation.

Please if you are not born again, you should ask Jesus to become your Lord and Savior today. It is a free service because Jesus paid for salvation for humanity with His shed blood on the cross at Cavalry over 2000 years ago.

Pray the prayer now, ask God to forgive your sins and ask Jesus to become your Lord and Savior and see the difference. Let me read from you after you have said the prayer.

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