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The rapture of the church is an event we eagerly await as Christians and believers. Now, our waiting is not based on ignorance or on baseless facts. It is based on the true and eternal facts and pieces of evidence in the Word of God that Jesus is coming back and that the rapture of the church is going to happen.

I agree that teachings about this event are very scarce in our churches today. The reason is that lots of Christians still don’t believe Jesus is coming back. They count His tarrying to be a piece of evidence that He will not be coming back again as He promised.


Rapture of the church will happen

Yes, the rapture of the church will happen. Jesus is coming back. There is going to be a time where God will judge the world. There is going to be a payback time. This is the reason why you and I need to read information and truth about this endtime events. We need to read and study this information so we won’t be caught off guard when they happen.

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New Book on the rapture of the Church

rapture of the church

Our sister organization, Zarepath Publishing just published an interesting book on the rapture of the Church. This book is short but extremely valuable to hand over scriptural facts about these end-time events to you.


Check out details about this new book

I want you to check out the details about this ebook here. After reading the details, you can go ahead to get a copy at the highly discounted prices on both our local bookstore at NowNowBooks or on Amazon. I was practically involved during the publication of this book by our team at Zareapath Publishing. I am highly recommending it to you.

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