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Roles of a Christian family to the success aspirations of a husband
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Roles of a Christian family to the success aspirations of a husband

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I believe men, especially, husbands will love this post. I am discussing the roles of a Christian family to your success aspirations. Your family can play a key role to motivate you to go after your dreams and achieve them.

This is a tested fact and it is biblical. There are good examples of people who have testified the roles their families played in their success story.

For the purpose of this post, let me quickly tell you what I mean by a Christian family.

What is a Christian family?

A Christian family is a family whose values and ideals are determined by Jesus Christ and His Word. This type of family uses the Bible as its constitution. The family lives and take decisions according to the dictates of the Bible.

Now, a non Christian family can also play the role of motivating the head of the home to achieve extra ordinary things but for the purpose of this post and because this is Christian blog, I am limiting my explanation within the boundary of a Christian family.

Roles of a Christian family in the lives of people

Quite a large number of people that I have discussed the topic of achieving greatness and success with have mentioned the roles their Christian family played in one way or the other.

The role sylvia and John’s family played


Sylvia has this to say about what makes her to go after success: “What motivates me (to do), my 5 children. And enjoying life…”

John Yeo has this to say: “…..I wrote my new book to sell so that the money goes to my first baby….not easy but the idea of making my family life better is always on my mind and makes me propel forward”.

The roles Carnegie’s family played

I once read a quote from Andrew Carnegie, Founder of the world’s first billion-dollar company, The Carnegie Steel Company about how the family factor motivated him to fulfill his destiny.

He said, “I began to learn what poverty meant. It was burnt into my heart then that my father had to beg for work. And then and there came the resolve that I would cure that when I got to be a man”.

These individuals allowed issues around their families to motivate them to top performance.

The roles of a Christian family: How my family helped me

I have also acted on so many occasions on my projects because I desire to give the best to my family. This can be a great power-giving secret especially to some of us that have taken the decision to think more of the welfare of people around us than we think of our own welfare.

You must have this quality if this secret is going to be of use to you.

Kellog’s family helped him

W.K Kellog, creator of the world’s first corn flakes business with billions of dollars in revenue has this to say on how the strong desire to support his family of six had made him develop a high power to do in order to put meals on the table for his family:

“Despite having a steady job, I was unsatisfied with life. I had gotten married, had four children, and was finding it difficult to support them on my meager salary”.

He continued, “I fell kind of blue. Am afraid that I will always be a poor man the way things look now”.

This great man had so much love for his wife and children and he was just ready to fight his way to the top. Even his elder brother’s resistance to his decision to step up the gear in their business operations never halted his desire to be a great success in his undertakings.

A powerful motivational secret

This is a great factor that can input a large chunk of the power to act on your ideas in you on a regular basis but it is a pity, this may not work for you! It will not work for you because it cannot work for everybody!

If you want this to work for you, then you have to take a decision to develop great love for wife and children, siblings, parents and even people around you.

For a Christian, members of your family go beyond your immediate family to people around you or people that you are in a position to help in one way or the other. God helped me to grow beyond the level of just thinking of the welfare of my immediate family to those around me who I can help in one way or the other.

You must begin to see yourself as a problem solver and a solution provider. This way, you will ever want to do everything within your means to work on your project or achieve greatness so that lives around you can be affected positively.

If you help yourself to have this attitude and mentality, then you will be able to fully tap into this secret to achieve success and greatness.

In another post, I will describe how I have used my wife as a motivational secret to achieve success on a project.

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