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The secret to Christian contentment

David’s life showed us the secret to Christian contentment as you will see in this article. Godly contentment is a necessity for Christians today in this end time. I will be showing with this interesting article one of the biblical examples of Christian contentment.

I have seen Christians fail in this important aspect of life. I have met Christian entrepreneurs who have brought themselves and their businesses into serious troubles because they lack the power of Christian contentment.

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What is contentment in Christianity?

In order to define or explain contentment in Christianity, I will be using one of David’s most profound inspired statements in the bible. David, one of the ancient kings of Israel was inspired to write the popular Psalm Chapter 23 and he started it with,

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”.

The Message translation has it this way:

“God, my Shepherd! I don’t need a thing.”

I received a simple inspiration from this golden statement from David and the analysis which I am about to do will go a long way to shape your attitude and help your understanding of this Christian virtue.


The secret to Christian contentment: David was contented despite the troubles

David probably wrote this Psalm when he was in a cave or in the thick forest.

Can you believe that?

This man believed strongly in the fact that since God was his shepherd or his keeper or helper, he does not lack anything.

Now with the enormous problems he was facing at that time, running away from the wicked king Saul who was desperate to kill him and also leaving the comfort of the palace to the forest where availability of provisions for his basic needs was not sure, he still had the gut to believe that he does not lack a thing because God was his shepherd!


The secret to Christian contentment: Analysis of Psalm 23:1

I want you to look at the analysis of the attitude and belief of this man at this time:

  • He believed since God was his shepherd, He would always bring around him everything he needed for his sustenance at every point in time.
  • He believed whatever was around him per time was just enough to sustain him.
  • David believed strongly in the fact that whatever he does not have per time was not good or necessary for him at that time.
  • David was a believer and a highly contented fellow.
  • David would wake up in the cave every morning looking diligently around him to discover all the resources God had made available for him for that day.
  • David was busy finding out and using the available resources around him and had no time to worry about the resources that were not available!


The power of contentment for Christian entrepreneurs

I will be discussing the power of contentment for Christian entrepreneurs as part of the modules in our online training program at the Visionary Business Project this month. Please find the details at the end of this article.

This David’s attitude should be your attitude too if you are a Christian entrepreneur. It is called the contentment attitude. You should be sure that the starting resources or capital to launch your business are around you ready to be discovered by you because God is your shepherd. You should know your main duty is to get busy finding them out.

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secret of Christian contentment

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