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Sermon on principles of success in Christ

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This sermon on principles of success in Christ will get you thinking of how simple it is to get true success in Christ and how difficult it can become if you don’t have the right understanding.

In case you have asked the question, “What are the principles of success in the bible?” or you have wondered what does success mean to God? Then you are right on track with this blog post. So let’s go.

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What exactly is a sermon on principles of success in Christ

A sermon on principles of success in Christ is inspired by teaching on how to be successful following strictly the rules and regulations of God as it is written in the Bible. Jesus, Himself followed these principles when He was here on the earth during His ministry.

In fact, He is the Word Himself (John 1:1-2) so the principles rest in Him. Your duty is to allow the Holy Spirit to help you to find these success principles in Him and begin to apply them. I have used this website, blog, and all the resources we have published in our ministry to teach these principles for many years.

What can these biblical principles of success do to you?

These biblical principles of success can do the following to you:

  • Help you to grow spiritually
  • Help you to know more about God and His ways
  • Help you become more successful in your business if you are a business owner
  • Help you to be more effective in your workplace if you are an employee
  • Make you to the easier and Godly route to achieve greatness
  • Give you the opportunity to be a knowledge bank that can also help others to go on the path of godliness

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A story of describing principles of success in Christ

This story in this sermon on principles of success in Christ will practically describe the success principle in Christ that I am describing in this article.

Johnson Idiok (not real name) was trained as an agriculturalist in a city university and returned to his village to set up a modern farm. After some years of consistent hard work, his organization grew in leaps and bounds; he became very wealthy.

He worked harder and amassed more wealth and property in the community. Johnson Idiok was contented to see his personal fortune grow on a regular basis and loved the cult-figure image the people of the village accorded him.

On the other hand, Timothy Anderson (not real name) was trained as a production engineer. He left the city to set up a manufacturing firm in his village. He also worked very hard to take his business to the next level recording outstanding breakthroughs in the process.

After some years, he had also amassed lots of wealth and properties. However, Timothy Anderson felt very uncomfortable with the fact that he was the only one making significant progress in his little village. He took a decision to do something about it and approached God for what to do about the situation.

He was inspired to set up a second organization in his village that would inspire and educate the youths and other members of the village on how they can go ahead to achieve what he has achieved and even surpass his achievements. This free service also involved the award of scholarships to those who were finding it difficult to finance their education.

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Answer this simple question

My dear reader, I want to ask you a simple question: Who do you think is a real successful person amongst these two personalities? How can you describe the type of principle put into use by these two personalities?

It’s so clear and visible that Timothy Anderson worked and walked by a principle of success in Christ. He selfless and used his resources to help others. That was a Christlike personality. Johnson Idiok was not like that – he was selfish.

I believe you can fully comprehend this simple principle of success described in this article. I want to read from you. I would also like you to share this article on success with your friends on social media.

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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