How to Start a Faith Based Business With What You Have, Run It With Simple Proven Principles Without Breaking the Rules of God

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Ever wonder what it takes to run a successful business which will outlive you and generations after you?

Are you even afraid it’s practically impossible to run a profit-puling business in our world’s market places that is filled with lots of ungodly practices? The Faith Based Business Book series have lots of resources (ebooks, videos, podcasts, video courses) that will show how you can run clean businesses and still maintain your cordial relationship with God

Okay you want to grow your business profits and still maintain your godly spirituality and morality.

Now here is the truth, it takes a lot more than you think; it takes a plan filled with lots of profitable, usable and practical principles that will not violate sound, godly principles.

This is what the books and videos in the Faith Based Business series is all about.

This book series will help you further in the following ways:

  1. Self-Discovery and Actualization: Finding out who you truly are and the giant powers in you.
  2. Business Profits: Setting up your business on the part of profits that can be used to further grow your business, serve humanity and serve God.
  3. Excellent Service: Creating avenues for you to truly be of good use to your customers, the less privileged, and the society at large. Having satisfaction in the fact that when you serve humanity adequately, you are serving God accordingly.
  4. Spiritual Development: Discovering principles that will not just help you run a successful business but will also help you grow in your relationship with God. When your spiritual relationship with God is healthy, every other areas of your life will be healthy.

This is a complete dose of benefits for you all in this series and all the resources are at affordable prices.

One of the most transformative moments of my life occurred many years ago when I use simple principles to conceive a profitable business idea, worked on it and witnessed someone paying me for it.

I have this practical, personal and verifiable experience and others shared and presented in a simple language in this book.

This book series shares interesting strategies that can help you to start and run with ideas even if you lack the resources to do so at the moment. You will be inspired with the strategies over 100 individuals and organizations have used to build businesses and wealth -building companies? You will read the stories and strategies of these successful businesses and individuals in this series.

The series also show you how to fend off project-killing obstacles.

In this first-of-its-kind Christian guide, merged biblical principles and beliefs with post-bible days or present-day strategies of successful companies and individuals. Biblical descriptions of project development, idea conception and execution, problem-solving skills development, practical project or business starting strategies, setting up of practical platforms and structures for growth in business, and more have been thoroughly described and taught in this interesting series. Books already released in the series are as follows:

How to Start and Multiply Business Resources

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How to Launch Your Business as a Christian

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