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How a Christian Entrepreneur Can Begin to Use The Break-It Down Marketing Strategy

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Are you a Christian entrepreneur? If you are, this post is just meant for you.

I strongly believe Christian entrepreneurs have been designed by God to change our world for good. This is the reason why I am so proud to be one. What about you? Are you also proud to be one? Are you affecting your world positively with your business?

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Who is a Christian entrepreneur?

A Christian entrepreneur is simply a business person who is first and foremost a Christian and who has decided to run his or her business according to the rules and regulations of God and what the Bible teaches. A Christian entrepreneur goes further to use his or her business to further the cause of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ on this earth.

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A Christian entrepreneur and the marketing of his business

Marketing is the engine that drives your business! It’s the ultimate form of business leverage, and if you do it right, it can grow your business profits and make you rich.  Businesses that do not get involved in consistent marketing will not survive.

 christian entrepreneur

Your best bet as a Christian entrepreneur is to find a way of discovering useful, effective and budget-friendly marketing strategies for your business. You should also try to understand and analyze your marketing strategies using simple, easy-to-understand language.

This is important. There is so much complex jargon in many marketing resource materials around today. I believe the complexity usually gets the newbie entrepreneur more confused and demotivated.


Marketing language in simple language

In our Christian organization, we try to put down marketing strategies in simple language. This helps us to see the road before us very clearly and this gets us motivated and inspired to hit the ground and start working.

The truth is that most of these simple strategies were inspired in my heart from the pages of the scripture. This should interest you if you are a Christian entrepreneur. I am presenting one of these practical and easy-to-understand marketing strategies in this write-up.

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Christian entrepreneur and the break-It-down marketing strategy

A company in my country used the Break-It-Down marketing strategy so many years ago and it was such a very successful one. I was still in College then but it has had lots of great impact on me since then. Now so many companies, organizations, and businesses have toed the same line since then and it’s still in use today.

This company was selling powdered milk and though it was a big company itself, it was also competing with other top players in the market who were selling the same milk product. Now this company observed that the price of milk in the country was rising and was moving beyond the buying capacity of the large percentage of the people in their market, so the company took a decision to do ‘break-it-down marketing.

They produced the same powder milk in a small sachet and at a very reduced price and reached out massively to this large part of their target market that needs the product but is no more able to afford it. What a response they received from the market!


Benefits from this marketing strategy

This strategy, apart from helping them to sell more products (and of course make more profits),  also helped them to popularize their brand more. There was so much noise about the name of the company and its products. Before the other big players could fathom out what was happening, they have helped themselves to rise higher amongst the top players in that market and industry.


A Christian entrepreneur can use this marketing strategy

The truth is that any business or any Christian entrepreneur can do the break-it-down marketing strategy with great results to show for it. Whether you are big or small, you can do it and do it well to sell more products.

If you are a big player but you’re not really one of the top players in your market, this is a strategy you can use effectively to grow your business profits. If you have a product which is competing with bigger products in the market and it can be ‘broken down’ just like the example I gave above, you should go ahead and do it. A section of your market will be happy with your business for this.

You don’t need to look at the cost of doing this and the loss of some profits at the initial stage of your business.  You will surely recoup this from the more popularity your business brand will receive and also the cumulative profits you will get after some time.


What you must do and not do as Christian entrepreneur with this marketing strategy

I want you to note these dos and don’ts:

  • You should never lower the quality of your product or service as a result of the use of the break-it-down marketing strategy.
  • You should understand the perfect price you will put on your product after you have broken it down.
  • You should back up this strategy with massive publicity so that those who need to know about this change would hear or see your message.
  • Just as I said, some organizations are already using this but you can always bring in some innovations into this strategy that can be different from what others are doing. If you can help yourself to study effectively your market and the major players in it like your competitors, consumers, and the different products, you will always receive inspirations for some new innovations. A company, in a bid to launch its ‘broken-down’ product, started an interesting mathematics education program on Radio.

Break-it-Down Marketing Actions Points

If you are a Christian entrepreneur and the break-it-down marketing strategy is for you and your business, then consider the action points below:

  • Find out if your product or service is competing with lots of big players in the market.
  • Find out if your product can be ‘broken down’.
  • If numbers 1 and 2 above are applicable to your business, you should sit down with your team to map out strategies to ‘break down’ your product.
  • Find out the right price for your ‘broken-down’ product.
  • Find out how you can massively reach those who need to know about your ‘broken-down’ product in your market.
  • You should ensure you watch and analyze your results. This will help you to tweak things so that you can get the best of the strategy.

Is the break-it-down marketing strategy for you? If you have any additional information, can you please share that in your comment.

I am a Christian personal development expert and a strong proponent of the need for Christians to walk by faith and Christian entrepreneurs to run successful godly businesses. Get my problem-solving resources like The Christian Entrepreneur (an ebook), From Business Vision to Manifestation (a video course) on starting a faith-based business that has helped lots of Christians to use godly principles to improve their finances and also run their businesses.

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