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Success in business: Why non-Christians are more successful in business

Why does success in business go the way of non-Christians more than Christians? Someone asked this important question on our social media handle.

Well, this person may not have any data or statistics to support this claim but at least, according to him, “I’ve seen lots of examples of non-Christians who are doing very well in business more than Christians..”

I responded to his comment on this topic in a unique way. I am presenting my response in this post today.

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Success in business: Is it the right of Christians?

Is success in business the right of Christians? Are Christians supposed to aim to be successful in business?

The truth is that Christians have the scriptural right to be successful in any Godly venture – business inclusive.

On this blog and website, we have lots of ebooks and articles on success in business and how Christian Entrepreneurs can run successful businesses with maximum respect for the rules and regulations of God.

If you’re a Christian, you can be successful in business. You can rise to the top of your industry following principles from God’s Word.

Now, let’s go to my response to a comment on our social media handle on why non-Christians are more successful in business than Christians.


No business success without godliness

This is my response below and I believe it will be if good use to you:

1. t really depends on how you define the word, prosper. The true prosperity is the godly result. The outcome you get while you’re still sure of your eternity. Anyone who is not sure of his or her eternity is poor no matter how much he or she has.

2. Sinners appear to be prospering but actually they are not. They are poor. If they die today, they will miss heaven. All the cruel money they make will not be able to save them.

3. What shall it profit a man if gains the whole world and loses his own soul? Hell does not recognize how rich you are on the earth. It’s a place of anguish and torment! We will all make heaven in Jesus name.

4. Let us look at another angle to this question. How come sinners or non Christians prosper. You see sometimes, some non Christians make money legally because they are always ready to take risks and they are courageous with their business activities and in investment

The reason why non-Christians are usually the richest people on the earth. They always take bold decisions unlike a lot of Christians.

5. Some Christians believe they only have to fast and pray to create wealth. So they spend lots of time praying and asking God to bless them. God usually will begin to let them know that He has blessed them already and that they only need to start working smartly and courageous and boldly.

6. Some Christians will not even work on ideas or revelations given to them by God. I have seen lots of Christians who are like this.

7. The law of sowing and reaping does not discriminate. A Christian and non Christian can benefit from this law. It’s just that eternity of Non Christians is not sure but they will work hard on ideas, take bold decisions and prosper more than Christians who are dogmatic and lazy. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and even Paul were hard workers.

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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