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Success secrets for personal development
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Success secrets for personal development

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Where do you get the success secrets for personal development? You will find the sure answer in this post.

There are so many theories that have been provided in our world of today where we can find the success secrets for personal development. Really, most of these have not been the true principles that can ensure effective and enduring personal development.

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Success secrets for personal development: How Jesus comes in

According to a Bible commentary, a teenager was asked why Jesus is the Word of God and she responded with this beautiful statement:

“Because Jesus is all God has to say to us”.

This was indeed a true response from this teenager. God, the Creator has nothing to say to His creations again; He had said it all.

All He has to say are already said in Jesus Christ, the Saviour who came to this earth, lived among us, got betrayed, got beaten, spat at, jeered at, reviled, nailed to the cross and who ended up, according to God’s divine plan, being raised from the dead on the third day and is alive today forever more  (Acts 4:10).


God said everything in Jesus Christ

With this invaluable sacrifice from Jesus Christ, God had said everything He has to say about our success aspirations in any area of our existence. Your (and my) major duty is to consistently make efforts to find out His instructions and His will about any issue of your life.

On this blog for many years now, we have been inspired to document lots of revelations of some of the things God has said in Jesus Christ about our personal development, business and job success.

The postulation from this is that the success secrets for your personal development, job success (if you are an employee) and business success (if you are a business owner) lie in the principles that are documented in God’s Word as we have it documented in the Bible.

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Success principles for personal development: A sign

Once, the people came to Jesus and asked Him to show them a sign. Jesus responded this way:

“This is an evil generation. It seeks a sign, and no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah the prophet” (Luke 11:29).

Jesus used this response to show His listeners how and why whatever signs, miracles and success aspirations they would ever need have been wrapped up in His death and resurrection.

Jonah was in the belly of fish for three days and was vomited by the fish on this third day. This Old Testament story was a symbolic description of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ many years after.

Jesus referred His listeners, who probably were familiar with that story, to that story and told them they should look nowhere else to find success aspirations and principles that will be useful to them but to look at stories and truth around His death and resurrection. 

I hope you loved this short post. I hope you now know where the success secrets for personal development lie.

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