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The Prostitute novel available now in paperback

Best-selling Christian romance novel, The Prostitute, becomes a movie! What happens when a morally upright man decides to get married to a long-term notorious prostitute? Watch movie today or click poster to watch

Best selling christian romance film


The popular Christian romance novel, The Prostitute, is now available in paperback format and available for purchase locally through Zarepath Publishing.

The ebook version was published and released on Amazon some months ago and the introduction on the social media received lots of likes, comments and shares.

Below is the news story from Zarepath Publishing announcing the availability of the paperback version of the novel locally.


News Story announcing The Prostitute novel

Just took delivery of the paperback version of the Christian romance novel, The Prostitute from Zarepath Publishing.

When a strict, righteous and morally upright man decides to get married to a notorious and long-term prostitute, the union will surely produce some sparks and dangerous reactions from relatives and the society.

What became of this union? Did the forces that bind such union come to the aid of these unusual couple? Find out in this Christian romance novel.


Order Copies of The Prostitute novel today

The Prostitute: a story of love, fury and jealousy.

If you are resident in Nigeria, Call or Whatsapp for more information or to order copies 08034300979.

The sequel is out

The sequel to my bestselling Christian romance novel, Thorns Inside the Rose, is out!

[Video] Why you need to read Thorns Inside the Rose (the sequel to my best-selling Christian romance novel, The Prostitute).

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