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Yes, what does the bible says about Cultism? That was a topic I was helped to treat by the Holy Spirit in a youth group I coordinate. How does the bible or God’s Word want you to react to secret cult invitation or pressure?

Let us look at the details of the simple message I taught on that youth group. I believe it will help you to understand, in simple language, how to react to any invitation to join a cult group of whatever form and wherever.


What does the bible says about Cultism: Does the bible care?

The bible do care. The Word of God cares about everything. God’s Word has a solution to every problem in the society or in our world.

As result of this, the question, what does the bible says about Cultism, is just one of the questions the bible has a good answer for. Especially, how you are to react when the pressure is on you to join a secret cult.


Are you facing the pressure of secret Cult invitation?


Look at what the bible says about how you can react:

The bible gave these important and relevant warnings in the book of Proverbs chapter one and I believe it should go a long way to help you if you are facing this pressure today or if you are already a member of one cult group or the other:

Proverbs 1:10-19

“My son, if sinners entice you, do not consent. If they say, “Come with us, let us lie in wait to shed blood; Let us lurk secretly for the innocent without cause; let us swallow them alive like Sheol, And whole, like those who go down to the Pit; we shall find all kinds of precious possessions, We shall fill our houses with spoil; cast in your lot among us, Let us all have one purse.

My son, do not walk in the way with them, Keep your foot from their path; for their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed blood. Surely, in vain the net is spread In the sight of any bird; but they lie in wait for their own blood, They lurk secretly for their own lives. So are the ways of everyone who is greedy for gain; it takes away the life of its owners.”

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What does the bible says about Cultism: Important lessons

That bible passage above is rich enough with warnings for you. Let me quickly show you some of the important and relevant lessons from that passage above.


Don’t accept the invitation to join a cult group

“[10]My son, if sinners entice you, Do not consent. “

When they invite you, don’t accept their invitations. In one way or the other, the cultism invitations will come. It came to me most unexpectedly when I was in the higher institution. It came in a very subtle way. I thanked God for the wisdom to reject it in a subtle way too.

It can come to you too. You should be on your guard. It can also come from the most unlikely source or person!

But when it comes, the bible says you should not accept it. Reject it politely. If they persist, then you need to find out the safest line of action to take. Don’t be in a rush and don’t be violent. Learn to pray about everything.


Talk to your parents or trusted person

You may first of all need to talk to your parents about it (if you are a student or a teenager or a youth). That’s usually the safest way to go if you are having such issues in the higher institution. Talking to a lecturer you are not sure of his moral or religious stand may not be safe – he or she may just be part of the same cult group!

The first point of call may also not be the police, especially in Africa or Nigeria. The police in that school location may just be a strong and a major supporter of this evil group!


Simple advice for you against cultism

The simple advice from God is that you should not accept their invitations. You should reject the pressure on you to join forces with cultists. The end result is destruction.

The principle shared in this article may not work for you if you are not born again. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior today.

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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