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I want you to read strong reasons why Christian marriages fail in this post. Some Christian marriages have troubles and fail because of some reasons that will be shown in this post. I want you to read them with all carefulness.

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Why Christian marriages fail: A relationship with God and man

Couples should know a marriage is both a relationship with God and a relationship with themselves. In fact, Paul advised his readers can remain unmarried in order to concentrate on their relationship with God.

In essence, he was saying if you decide to get married, you must understand that you have to be committed to your relationship with God and your spouse.

But some couples believe they only have to water their relationship with God alone and after they have done that, it will automatically help to sustain their marriages even if they don’t commit anything to the relationship.


Marriage is an Institution Governed by Rules 

Marriage is an institution created by God and He has His rules in His Word for sustaining the marriage relationship. God wants couples to be committed to each other in the relationship. He wants them to show each other the needed attention.

God wants couples to ensure the communication lines between them is always open. He wants couples to be committed to each other sexually.


Why Christian marriages fail: No Growing Relationship Among Couples 

Couples can’t boast to have a growing relationship with God without having a growing relationship with their spouses. This is not the order God commanded.

Your growing and intimate relationship with your spouse is a pointer to your growing and intimate relationship with God.

This is the simple truth and it is one some so called “deeply spiritual couples” and church goers don’t always want to accept. I have had the opportunity of counselling these types.

If their spouses demand intimacy with them, they always bring up the excuses of their commitment to God or some spiritual exercises in the church.

I have seen a woman who loves the words and instructions of her pastor more than that of her husband. If there is an important matter to be discussed, her pastor must be the first to know.

She was determined not to change this ungodly behavior until she ran her marriage aground!

Women should understand that they are married to their husbands and not to their pastors. You are joined to your husband and not to your pastor. When issues remained unresolved in your home and marriage, you must ensure you get commtitted to finding a solution to the problem.


Your Home and Marriage Deserves Attention Too

I have also seen some so called “deep spiritual husband pastors” who only think about the church and the works of their ministries than their home and marriages. You will see these ones push their little kids into the boarding schools because of the work of the ministry.

So they teach other people’s kids in the church on a weekly basis and leave their own children in the cold air and in the hands of strange foreigners in the boarding schools.

These types of men don’t care about how their wives feel when they always devote all the time to their activities in the church leaving their wives in the cold. They prefer to satisfy the church members with their presence and affection than do the same to their wives.


Dangers of Unforgiveness and Bitterness in Marriage

Why Christian marriages fail

In the process of counselling couples over the years, I have seen how unforgiveness and bitterness have eaten deep into the foundation of most homes and marriages. These evils have destroyed most marriages.

I was inspired to write and produced a new gospel novel and movie (The Prostitute) to address this anomaly. A husband who endured hardship to tolerate a wife who was always going on the prostituting lane despite many warnings.

The novel helped lots of people, the new Gospel movie version of the novel is already helping lots of people.

Bitterness and unforgiveness will always eat your marriage for lunch. They are very dangerous enemies.

The Lord helped me against this at the early stages of my marriage. Whenever I want to go on the accusing lane of accusing my wife of anything, the Spirit of God will tell me, “What about you? Are you perfect? Do you want to tell me you don’t have any fault in this case? Do you want to tell me you have not offended her before?

These strong words usually help me to lay aside any wrong feeling that I have. I usually put aside any accusation, bitterness and unforgiveness because I know that I am also not perfect.


Christian Marriages Are Designed to Succeed

Godly marriages are not designed to fail but couples must understand that they have to devote quality time and intimate affection for their spouses and not continue to act irresponsibly all in the name of working for the Lord in the church.

Couples should understand that their marriages are their first ministries. If they are not successful at home, they can’t really be seen as successful in the church or in their ministries.

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Unforgiveness, bitterness and hatred are some of the major reasons why marriages collapse and couples embrace the divorce route.

Don’t let your marriage hit the rock. Enjoy a hitch free marriage that lives above both spiritual and physical obstacles and hinderances.

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