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Your faith and finances: Best ways to go about it

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Faith and finances surely can go together. Christians are supposed to live by faith over every aspect of their lives.

This is the only biblical recommended way to live. The bible says, The just shall live by his faith. The bible also shows us that, In Christ we live, we move and have our being.

Faith and finances: Can they go together

Faith and finances can indeed go together. In fact, they should go together because all through the scriptures, we saw how God showed so much interest in the financial well being of His children and servants.

He even said in the book of Haggai:

Haggai 2:8

[8]‘The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine,’ says the Lord of hosts.

God owns the silver and gold and as a child, I own them too. Faith and finances should go together.

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Faith and finances: My experience out of a financial problem

I am describing a personal experience here today. It’s all about how God’s Spirit helped my wife and me out of a serious financial mess many years ago.

We walked by faith to step out of that financial mess at that time and we can still feel the effect of that faith walk today.

What happened?

We found ourselves having issues with our income. It was not enough to settle our bills when they come in at the end of every month.

We were really troubled. The pressures were mounting on us.

Well, as we always do at every pressure junction, we began to pray about the situation. Then the Spirit of God gave me a strange revelation one morning during my prayer session.


What God’s Spirit said to me

God’s Spirit said to me, ‘Peace be still’

That was strange. I asked Him, ‘what is the meaning of that and how does that have anything to do with what I was praying about?’

When I began to meditate, God’s Spirit helped me to understand the relevance of the story in the bible where Jesus said, ‘Peace be still’ to stop a troubling storm and the financial mess we were in.

I understood that we were in a financial troubled storm and we needed to declare,’Peace be still’

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Faith and finances can help you out of debt

We were into different debts at that time. The payment of these debts was putting a lot of pressure on our income. After paying all the debts, we would be left with almost nothing at the end of the month.

We went into most of these debts out of ignorance and carelessness.

We understood that the Lord wanted us to stop going into more debt. The reason the Lord said, ‘Peace be still’

We obeyed God. We followed His instructions. We walked by faith over the issue. We came out stronger financially.


You can walk by faith over your finances

You can walk by faith over your finances. The faith walk is useful even for your money problems.

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