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12 truths about tithe

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I want you to check out these 12 truths about tithe. There’s so much hot discussions about tithing today and I believe Christians need to find out the truth about this practice that has received lots of knocks from both within the church community and outside it.


What does the Bible really say about tithing?

In an effort to provide the answer to this question on what the Bible says about tithing, I have decided to write this post. In fact, I’m not going to go into all the arguments that I have witnessed on this same topic.

I’m going to just write simply on the 12 truths about tithe and I will stick to this goal and setting all through.

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12 truths about tithe: what pastors are saying

This is another hot area I will not touch in this blog post. I want to be modest about this contribution and I don’t even want to talk about a pastor and what he said or not about tithe. I want to write my experience and what I have been inspired to understand and witnessed over the years about the practice of tithing.

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12 truths about tithe: My submissions

Finally, these are my submissions on the truth about the tithe you pay:

  1. Truly the book of Malachi mentioned something about a curse when you don’t pay tithe.
  2. But another truth is that the new Testament showed us that Jesus became a curse for us so that we can come under the blessings of Abaraham. Because the scripture says cursed is He that’s hanged on a tree (Galatians 3:13).
  3. So the curse pronounced under Malachi has no basis again especially if you are born again.
  4. Now is tithing right or not? It’s right depending on how you see it. Read on.
  5. My take is this: Tithing is first and foremost giving to and for the things of God. Giving is commanded severally in the Bible.
  6. Thetithing idea helps our giving to the things of God in this way: It gets you committed by a certain sum monthly. Many of us have mandated our employers and banks to deduct certain percentages automatically from our monthly income. You will agree with me that the tithing idea can help in this regard. Circumstances can make you not to give to the things of God in a particular month. Tithing brings discipline and commitment.
  7. No matter how we fight against giving in the church, it’s commanded that we give in the church. Because we have some churches that are bad does not mean a truth is no longer a truth.
  8. They asked Jesus about the greatest commandment. He said love the Lord your God with all your heart…(Matthew 22:37). One of the great ways to show love is to give – giving of money shows one big way for us to show love to God and even anything. Men who are wooing ladies will always use their money resources to show their love. It’s the same even for married men to their wives.
  9. About where to pay tithe. First, if you see tithing as a necessity to be given out to churches or a pastor called of God or to any worthy mission, then you must allow yourself to be led by God on this. It’s going to be your fault if you are worshipping under the wrong church or pastor. This is where Christians miss it; Christians don’t allow the Holy Spirit to guide them when they take decisions about the place for worship activities. I allowed myself to be led on this and whenever I pay my tithe or give an offering, I don’t bother myself again. I give and pay because of my love for God and the cause of the gospel.
  10. If you are paying tithe in any church or to any pastor, you should check if the church is involved in mission work. You should check if winning souls is part of the activities of that church. You should check if the church is paying salaries to other workers who have families that are benefiting from this. You should check if the church is involved in community development or works and so on. Don’t just give in a dry ground.
  11. When these are in place and you see that giving or tithing is what you want to do, give with an open heart. Don’t bother yourself about whether the pastor is living big or not. So far these aforementioned activities are in place and the Lord led you there.
  12. Most of us don’t understand that the cane and stick to punish a truly called servant of God is not in the hands of men but in the hands of God. This is Biblical and we can’t deny what’s biblical.


Bonus truths about tithe

  1. If as we are told, those who sponsor terrorism use a sizeable portion of their income to fund it, we should do more for the cause of the gospel. If a pastor begins to misuse resources, God will flog him. That’s not my business anyway. The tithe or a part of my income is not for me to devour anyway. Well that’s my personal stand and it can’t change. I have paid tithe and offerings to missions I don’t even have physical association with.
  2. I think our pastors should change the way they preach sermons about tithing. No one truly born again can be under the bondage of any curse. If you allow such curses, then you are ignorant of what Jesus has done. I use the ammunition of this New Testament realities to fight curses of any form.

I believe I have been able to do justice to this topic in my own little and humble way.

In my book, Is tithing a Godly practice, I showed more information about this controversial topic.

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