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Business publicity lessons for Christian business owners

The Bible is filled with lots of business publicity lessons that Christian business owners and anyone can use to drive more customers to their businesses. I have discovered lots of great and workable principles that have been very helpful for my business.

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What are business publicity lessons?

Business publicity lessons are principles that an average business can use to promote its brand, products, and services in the society or in the market place. Usually, these lessons help business owners to grow their business, increase popularity and make more profits.

Christian business owners should be thankful to God that He has made these types of principles available in the Bible. The Bible is the best teaching material on money, finance, and business development.

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Business publicity lesson by King Solomon

King Solomon, in Proverbs 1: 20-21 (MSG), gave a golden rule in business or idea publicity. He wrote: “Lady Wisdom goes out in the street and shouts. At the town center, she makes her speech. In the middle of the traffic, she takes her stand. At the busiest corner, she calls out”.

I want you to note the four key places Solomon gave as places where any business person can give information about his or her business:

The Bible is filled with lots of business publicity lessons that Christian business owners and anyone can use to drive more customers to their businesses. Read moreClick To Tweet
  • street
  • town center
  • middle of the traffic
  • busiest corner

A common thing about these publicity spots

One thing is common to these four places; they are spots with high convergence of people who would be interested in what lady wisdom has to say. If you want to publicize your business or idea, you should consider finding out the spots where those who will be interested in what you have are converging, then, make all the noise about your business or ideas at these spots.

Business publicity lessons by Paul

While studying the work of Apostle Paul in the book of Acts, I observed he was always using this strategy. Every town, he got to, he always looked out for a gathering spot where those he believed would want to hear his message were located.

Once he found this out, he moves into these places to mingle with the people and seek the opportunity to address them. He used this strategy to start most of the churches during his apostolic ministry.

Effective business publicity lessons

I believe Christian business owners should be using this strategy as it is a very effective one. It looked so simple but most businesses, especially Christian entrepreneurs, are underestimating it.

It can help them to grow their customer base and also increase profits.

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Further Reading: Luke 14: 21-23,

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