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abbey oyesola james
Christians in Business (Interview Sessions)

Publisher Success Tips magazine and founder Career Guide NGR explains how cutting corners can ruin businesses

Can we meet you Sir *

Abbey Oyesola-James: I am Abbey Oyesola-James

What is the name of your organization and what is your role/designation? *

Saint James Communications Ltd, our Public Relations/ Management Consultancy services outfit/ printing and business support services. We also run Success Tips Magazine, a publishing firm responsible for publishing of Success Tips Magazine and Success Tips Plus. Recently, we also include coaching, mentoring and training of students through our Career Guide NGR.

What is the mission/vision of your organization? *

Abbey Oyesola-James: Inspiring and motivating for all round Success

When did you become a Christian? *

Abbey Oyesola-James: 1995, I came from a Muslim family but thank God that most of us have seen the Light

What has been the most remarkable Christian experience you’ve had till date? *

Abbey Oyesola-James: The day I gave my life to Christ is remarkable and a turning point in my life

What is your most loved bible text/story/passage in the Bible? *

Abbey Oyesola-James: 1cor 15:58 is my favorite and it also inspires me to do more for God

How has your Christian faith helped you to run your business effectively? *

Abbey Oyesola-James:  As a Christian, one must be distinguished.  You don’t run business like unbelievers. You don’t join them in cutting corners.  Dubious business may bring quick money but such doesn’t last. Honesty, integrity and faithfulness must be your watchword.  Anything that can tarnish one’s image and at the end bring shame to the name of Christ must be avoided

What single advice do you have for Ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ? *

Abbey Oyesola-James:  Humility, prayerfulness and faithfulness will help.

What single advice do you have for Christians running businesses? *

Abbey Oyesola-James: Our business environment demands diligence, commitment,  integrity  and prayer to survive for any business to succeed

What single advice do you have for Christians in work places? *

Abbey Oyesola-James:  Be faithful, loyal and committed. Do the task like yours? Even if you are not rewarded immediately, the reward will come eventually

What problem do you think needs the Christian faith for solution in your industry?*

Abbey Oyesola-James:  Laziness, worldliness, and lowering the Christian standards especially among the youths.

Who is your Christian mentor and how has he or she helped you and your business/as an employee/as a minister of the gospel?*

Abbey Oyesola-James:  Rev. Dr. Steven Olufolahan taught us to approach issues not only from the natural way but to always look beyond. While people like late Myles Munroe, Dr. Neye Enemigin and others inspire me to keep on moving even when things are not moving as expected.

How has your family/friends/close relatives helped you in your business? *

Abbey Oyesola-James:  My wife, Adetutu is a great inspiration. The support she gives at home is the only reason I am still an entrepreneur.

What is your view about this end time and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ? *

Abbey Oyesola-James: This is the next thing the church is awaiting.  This can happen any time any moment.

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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