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Christians in Business Interview: Dapo Sosanwo advises business owners to deal with customers with integrity
Christians in Business (Interview Sessions)

Christians in Business Interview: Dapo Sosanwo advises business owners to deal with customers with integrity

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Can we meet you, Sir. Your name

Dapo Sosanwo: Mr. Dapo Sosanwo

What is the name of your organization and what is your role/designation?

Dapo Sosanwo: Dapo SOSANWO CONSULT(Business & Management Consultants).I am the Executive Director.

What is the mission/vision of your organization/ministry?

Dapo Sosanwo: To provide quality advisory services to clients.

When did you become a Christian?

Dapo Sosanwo: I became a Christian in the year 2010.

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What has been the most remarkable Christian experience you’ve had to date?

Dapo Sosanwo: It’s about the feeling of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. I just discovered that Romans 12:2 is having so much impact on my daily activities.

What is your most loved bible text/story/passage in the Bible?

Dapo Sosanwo: My most loved passage in the Bible is John 3:16.

How has your Christian faith helped you to run your business effectively?

Dapo Sosanwo: Since I became a Christian, my company has been run on, truth, integrity, and utmost good faith in consideration for our clients. It has been a quite rewarding experience in our dealings with our numerous customers, as we have been employing the management principle of a win-win situation.

Furthermore, we have always strived at customer satisfaction, ahead of profitability.

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What single advice do you have for Ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Dapo Sosanwo: They should preach the undiluted Word of God so that many souls can be left to the kingdom of God.

What single advice do you have for Christians running businesses?

Dapo Sosanwo: Honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction should be their watchwords.

What single advice do you have for Christians in workplaces?

Dapo Sosanwo: They should lay good moral and godly examples for the benefits of other non-believers, in their day-to-day interaction with their colleagues.

What problem do you think needs the Christian faith for a solution in your industry?

Dapo Sosanwo: It’s dishonesty.

Who is your Christian mentor and how has he or she helped you and your business?

Dapo Sosanwo: He is, Pastor(Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny-Ojeagbase.  He has helped me to build my business on the premises of integrity and quality services.

How has your family/friends/close relatives helped you in your business?

Dapo Sosanwo: They have been very helpful in the area of referring clients to my company because they have also enjoyed quality services from my company.

What is your view about this end time and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Dapo Sosanwo: I am of the opinion that the Lord Jesus Christ is carrying because more souls are still expected to give their lives to Him. Furthermore, virtually all the end-time prophesies are nearly fulfilled, thus paving the way for Christ’s second coming.

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