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Benefits of knowing the will of God

Learn one of the benefits of knowing the will of God in this post.

Those who know their God, they shall be strong and they shall do exploits. When the youth know their God. When singles know their God.

When everyone knows His will for their lives, no devil or his agents will be able to do things that will endanger our lives and future!

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Read my experience on the benefits of knowing the will of God

I want you to read one of my experiences on the benefits of knowing the will of God.. I discovered very early that my calling and gifting have a lot to do and to achieve in the publishing and education industry.

Many years ago, I took up consultancy work in a high school to prepare the SS3 students (final year students) for the West African Examination Council (WAEC) examination.

I began the work and really worked on the students for one good month before the exam. Now on the day of the math exam, the administrator of the school called me on the phone to report to the school.

I went straight to the school. When I got there, this was what she requested I should do. Can you guess?

She wanted me to write the answers to the exam for the students! She wanted me to join the students to cheat!


Knowing the will of God helped me

Knowing the will of God formmy life helped me against this ‘friendly’ temptation.

Can you guess what my response was to this school administrator?

“I am a Christian. I don’t do such things.” I shouted at her.

She was surprised to hear that. She felt I should be happy that at least that would attract more money to me.

But I insisted I would never get involved in such. Well that was the end of the consultancy job and that was the end of a business relationship with that school.


Temporary benefits

But I was glad I did not allow temporary benefits to destroy my glorious future in the education industry. Today, look at what the Lord is making us to do in this industry and the many benefits the Lord has and is still addin to us.

What helped me?

Do you know what helped me in that situation to do the right thing?

I knew the will of God for me already. I already saw the future through God’s Word about my placement in the industry.

Those who know their God shall be strong and they shall do exploits (Daniel 11:32).


Knowing the will of God is important

My dear friend, don’t ever disregard God, His Word and His revelations to you. It will save you a lot of trouble now and in the future.

Knowing the will of God for your life can go a long way to resist temptations that will destroy your relationship with God and also affect your future negatively.


Our youth forum

Through activities in our youth forum, we have discovered how many singles got into the wrong relationship and marriage because they never made efforts to know the will of God for their lives before they began their searches for one.

I pray that you will always love the Word of God. It will be your backbone and strength all the days of your lives in Jesus name. Amen.

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