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How to walk in obedience to God
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How to walk in obedience to God

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An individual in the Bible clearly helped me to learn how to walk in obedience to God. I am going to show you today the benefits of obedience to God from the story and lifestyle of this interesting Bible personality. As you read through this post on obedience to the Lord, you should remember that obedience is always better than sacrifice in Christianity.

During several counselling sessions, I have observed how people struggle to walk in obedience to God. The dangerous part of it is that they are not even aware they are struggling with this most useful Christian practice.


What is obedience to God?

I believe I have to start with this. Obedience to God is an important activity that is required of anyone who intends to have a profitable relationship with God. It is the act of heeding or accepting the instructions from God on any issue.

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How to walk in obedience to God: Benefits of obedience

There are immense benefits when you are obedient to God. The following are some of the benefits of obeying God:

    • You demonstrate your recognition of His Lordship over your life and He is encouraged to lead you more
    • You enjoy unbridled leadership from the Spirit of God
    • You enjoy the rewards of obedience
    • You grow as a Christian
    • You protect or save yourself from danger
    • You shield yourself from devilish and demonic attacks
    • You get yourself prepared for heaven and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ

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How to walk in obedience to God: The Story of Joseph

The short story of Joseph, the carpenter, as we have the account in the bible book of Matthew, was told in about three chapters. Yet, this short account presents us (Christians of today) valuable lessons in prompt obedience to God almighty as we make efforts to use God’s strategies to grow our businesses.

I want you to look at the different places where this great man called Joseph forgot about himself and his personal will to follow God’s will.

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•Matthew 1: 24: He was to get married to Mary, but before they came together as husband and wife, he found out that Mary was already pregnant. He promptly took a decision every other man would have taken – He planned to stop the wedding plans and put her away secretly. Then, in a dream, God’s Spirit told him to do otherwise. He obeyed promptly!

•Matthew 2: 14: When Jesus was born, the evil king Herod took a decision to kill Him. God, again, through His angel, told Joseph in a dream, to take the baby, mother, and himself away from their location to a different country. He did not get Himself bothered about the inconvenience this will cause him, he obeyed promptly!

•Matthew 2: 21: After the death of Herod, God again told him to leave Egypt and go back to Israel. He did not bother about the inconvenience of leaving His new home in Egypt, He obeyed God again promptly!

•Mathew 2: 22 – 23: While He was on his way to Judea, He received another instruction to change direction. Again, he promptly obeyed God!

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Obedience in the face of danger

Thank God for His readiness to promptly obey God. On four important occasions and in delicate situations, Joseph obeyed God promptly! This should be a great lesson for Christians today.

I believe he should qualify as one of the most obedient people in the Bible. In his short life (he probably died very early just after Jesus began His ministry), we can great lessons about how to walk in obedience to God

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How to have an obedient relationship with God

As a Christian, you need an obedient relationship with God. This is the clear edge you have over non-Christians.

You should understand that in your business, trade, vocation, profession or in your general life, God wants to give you success instructions and strategies; you will not be able to take full advantage of these instructions and improve your business lot unless you learn to practice Joseph’s style of prompt obedience.

I want you to read this checklist of how to walk in obedience to God:

  • If you are not born again yet, become one by confessing Jesus as your Lord and Savior
  • Begin to read and study God’s Word
  • Start fellowshipping with other believers
  • Start having a schedule of prayer times with God
  • Ask Jesus to baptize you with the Holy Spirit in the place of prayer
  • Ensure you keep your relationship with the Holy Spirit as the most important thing in your life
  • The Holy Spirit will be the key force that will help you to be obedient to God
  • Determine in your heart to obey God’s Word and instructions no matter how simple it is. Start from the instructions you see in the Bible
  • Dissociate yourself from wrong friends, groups, and associations
  • Wherever you are struggling with obedience, pray to God to help you and try to talk to your pastor or a true Christian elder or counselor

I hope these tips on how to walk in obedience to God is useful to you.

I want to read from you. Write your comments in the comments box.

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Further Reading: Hebrews 5: 8, Isaiah 1: 19, 1 Peter 1:14


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