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Best christian fiction stories in Nigeria

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The best Christian fiction stories in Nigeria will be featured very soon on this blog. It will be a compilation of the Christian fiction stories that have made their mark in this country. You need to watch out.

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What are Christian fiction stories?

Christian fiction stories are Christian novels written from biblical perspectives and by usually, Christian authors. Usually, they are written to promote the contents of God’s Word or the kingdom of God.

Examples of Christian fiction stories in Nigeria

There are so many examples of Christian fiction stories and authors in Nigeria but yours truly joined the train two years ago when I wrote and published, The Prostitute. This Christian romance fiction is an interesting Christian romance story of extreme love, fury, and jealousy.

A Christian-minded corporate executive, Steve suddenly fell in love with a notorious Prostitute, Serena. The strange love led to both of them getting married to each other. Many conjugal conflicts came up and…

Read latest testimonials about The Prostitute novel

  • “I really love this sample. It’s very engaging and lucidly clear. I couldn’t drop it still I was done with it. Please I can’t 😭😭😭 wait for the whole pdf as you promised in the mail.” Kehinde Adeyemi,
  • “The writer writes really great, I love how expressive the writer is with words and this gives the reader a perfect picture of imagery. From what am seeing the book shows that no matter unclean or sinful we appear to be, God’s love is always ready to overlook all our sins and wash us with his blood.”
  • “Revealing and touching piece of story. I’m impressed. ” Obi Moses

Watch a video of the first Chapter of The Prostitute novel

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