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Where did Cain get his wife?: 12 revelations

Where did Cain get his wife? If you have not asked this question before, then it’s likely you have not taken note of it while studying the bible or reading the story in the book of Genesis.


Where did Cain get his wife?: How I know about the question

I stumbled upon the question, ‘Where did Cain get his wife?’ for the first time in an online forum  Someone, probably, a non-Christian asked the question and I want to believe he intended to discredit the content of the bible.

After I read the lengthy discussion on this topic on this forum, I had to rush down to the book of Genesis in the bible to read the story again. What did I find out? I discovered that truly the bible was silent about how Cain got the wife he married after he killed Abel.

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Where did Cain get his wife?: Can this discredit the bible?

Now the big question is: ‘Can this silence discredit the bible? The big answer is No. The bible as we have it today cannot contain every information we need. If it has to, then all books in this world won’t be able to contain the contents.


Source for the answer

The good news is that God already made adequate provisions for us to discover or find out any other thing we will need to discover. God made that wonderful provision in the Person of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said the Holy Spirit will come to teach us and guide us into all truth.

With my adequate knowledge of what the Holy Spirit of God in me can do for me, I decided to approach Him for an answer or a revelation on this topic of where did Cain get his wife?

I have presented my discoveries or the revelations the Holy Spirit of God shared with me. Just before I jump into the revelations, let me use this opportunity to inform you that the Holy Spirit of God will not and will never give you explanations or revelations or instructions that are contrary to the written content in His Word as we have it in the bible.

God is a God of order. He won’t do something contrary to His Word. With this understanding, we are always expected to compare or balance whatever revelation we will receive from the Spirit of God with the written Word of God. If they don’t have any relationship, then it’s likely you have heard from the wrong source or spirit.

Let us look at the revelations I got on this topic which have been balanced by other written information or revelations or stories in the bible.

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Where did Cain get his wife?: 10 revelations I got for the answer

  1. God first of all created Eden.
  2. He also created people inhabiting Eden before He created Adam.
  3. Now He wanted to create a proper man template that He could use to relate with men, He had to create a special domain within Eden. This was called the Garden of Eden.
  4. You should observe He gave this beautiful Garden what He never gave Eden. This is because the Garden is a template of the domain, location, or abode that the man template He would create would live doing His will.
  5. He then created this man template and called him Adam. He created a woman too and called her Eve.
  6. The question is: ‘Why did He now call them the first man and woman?’He did that because there had been people living in Eden before them and Adam and Eve are the man and woman template He wanted to use to relate with men and not the people already inhabiting Eden before their creation.
  7. They are first just the same way Jesus was called the first begotten of the Father. Remember that Jesus is the second Adam. Remember also that there had been people on the earth before Jesus came. But because He is a Template of the Father to man and with His sacrifice on the cross, He must be the first begotten of the Father.
  8. God is always using templates of association. It’s the same with the Jews and Israel. The Jews as Adam and Eve and Israel as the Garden of Eden. Jesus was also a Jew and His work of salvation, the Garden of Eden.
  9. If you give your life to Jesus today, you have spiritually located or placed yourself in the Garden of Eden where everything you need to succeed on this earth has been provided.
  10. Adam and Eve were probably meant to live in the Garden, give birth to children, and also invite people in Eden to come and enjoy the Garden by accepting the terms of God for how they should live on the earth. It’s the same way we are to evangelize and invite people outside Christ to Jesus.
  11. No one can succeed on this earth outside the ‘Spiritual Garden of Eden” or outside Jesus. The reason Jesus was so bold to declare in John 15:5 b, “Without Me, you can do nothing” I have never seen anyone declare that and is still on the good book of God the Father or is still relevant today.
  12. Finally, Cain got his wife from people already inhabiting Eden before the Garden was created and before Adam and Eve were created by God.

I hope you can take your time to read this post again and ask the Holy Spirit of God to give you more understanding. The man and woman templates and the use of the written revelation of Jesus being the Template of God to reconcile man to Him gives credence to the revelations that there were people already inhabiting Eden before Adam and Eve were created. Cain got his wife from among these people..Jesus is Lord.

Please I want to read your views and comments on this post. The content of the bible is real and the Holy Spirit is real. Thank you.

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