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Christian romance fiction: Reviews

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These are some of the reviews from users and readers of my Christian romance fiction. This page will be updated as we have more reviews for this Christian romance fiction.

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What they said about The Prostitute Novel (a Christian romance fiction)

  • “I must confess the book was very touching, it taught me a lot about tolerance and adaptability to and with any personality. If Christ could forgive us how much more us. I have promised never to condemn no matter how terribly hurt I might be.” Omotayo Hussein Business Facebook page: Akrad Global Printing Enterprise
  • “It’s quite inspirational and awesome. The title of the novel prepares the needed suspense, intrigue, and surprises. Apata Sunday
  • “It’s an interesting novel that every individual must be in possession of, it portrays the way to God, there’s no being that God can’t revive and it’s not over until it’s over. Stay blessed.” Oluwafunke Omolara
  • “In marriage, understanding is the key.
    Marriage is a contract that involves two parties receiving each other the way they are. It’s more than a wedding or procreation, it’s about living together and correcting the ills of themselves. In other words, marriage is all about ”two forgiven forgivers. The prostitute’ is a revelational and expository book for all ages without limitation.” Bada O Marvelous
    – Founder, Ablaze Christian Outreach
  • “This is an exciting story. Steve accepted Serena with her blemish just like Jesus did for us… Christians can emulate the life of Steve and also learn to forgive and not condemn.” Ayoade Esther (Mrs. Atanda)
  • “Good afternoon, brother. Just gone through The Prostitute…thus far, it’s been captivating. I want to know what becomes of Steve and Serena.
    I am presently going through the second chapter…So far, I am enjoying the plot! Odeyemi Oluwasanmi
  • “I just read the sample and I must say it’s gripping. The tenses are well used and it’s very descriptive. I’m eager to read more and see how this love twists out.” mezzyb (at)
  • “The Prostitute novel is an exciting novel and it’s a must-have for every Christian home. The story is touching… Awolesi Olutoke Oguntade

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