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Free online Christian romance books to read now

If you want free online Christian romance books to read now, you need to get one here at no cost to you. This post is presenting my best-selling Christian romance fiction that has been downloaded and read and reviewed online on different platforms in the past few months.


The Prostitute novel: One of the best free online Christian romance books to read now

I was inspired to write this Christian romance fiction some years ago while I studied the book of Hosea. I got ‘drunk’ with God’s acute hatred for sin and ‘spiritual prostitution’ among His people Israel.

I was also elated by God’s readiness to bring about a solution to this problem among His people.

God had to order Prophet Hosea to marry a prostitute to show him how he detested spiritual prostitution and to make the Prophet understand the key information about his own ministry.


The free online Christian romance book was written

The above revelation helped me to start the writing project of this free online Christian romance novel that you will be able to read online now.

I had to make it easier for interested readers to read this novel online at their own convenience.

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About the Prostitute Novel so far…

I believe it’s necessary for you to know some basic distribution information about The Prostitute novel so far. Find it below:

  1. It has been published as an ebook, paperback and as hard cover on Amazon. It’s free as an ebook on Amazon but it’s a premium book as paperback and hardcover.
  2. So on Amazon, we get over 100 downloads of the ebook version in the past 5 months. We have sold some copies of the paperback.
  3. It’s published as a free ebook on other stores online like Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords etc. I have not checked the number of downloads on these platforms yet.
  4. It was published as a paperback offline last year. We have sold some copies and have given out lots of copies free as paperback. We still have more to give out. If you want it, please contact me.


Read one of the testimonials for this Christian romance novel from readers who read it online


I read the sample of “The Prostitute” on the website and I must admit that i would really love to read the full story .

The Prostitute from the sample shows that most times, we are quick to judge others and not willing to extend the same grace and love we have received from God to others.

Yes, we don’t not want to be unequally yoked with others but we go about this in the wrong ways.

I commend your writing prowess, sir.

God bless you for this piece of work.

Thank you .

Ayomide Ibitoye

How to read this free online Christian romance novel now

If you want to read this free Christian online romance novel online now, please click the link below:

Find information to read the novel online now

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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