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What the bible says about the Think and Grow Rich book

Have you read the Think and Grow Rich book? If you have, then you have a good opportunity to read a biblical angle to this award-winning and best-selling book written by Dr. Napoleon Hill. If you have not, I want you to set out the time to read this classic book.

The Think and Grow Rich book really had a great effect on me the first I read it many years ago. The content has been of immense benefits to me as it has been to lots of other people who have read the book.

Research on the Think and Grow Rich book

For some time now, I have been inspired to investigate what I have termed as ‘the Christianity of the rich in our society.’ Really, If you have stayed very long with this newsletter and with my blog, you would have noticed that my calling and giftings are related to finding out and presenting biblical success principles on personal development, wealth creation, and financial success.

I have done these for many years now and there are so many resources that have been produced over the years.

Now, the book, Think and Grow Rich made a lot of impacts on me the first time I read it many years ago as a Christian as I mentioned above. I have also listened to some of my spiritual mentors say a lot of great things about the book.

Agreed, the book contains some principles that I do not agree with as a Christian but we can’t rule out the fact that it also contains lots of godly and workable principles too.

For the past 5 or 6 years, I have been trying to put some of these principles at work in my life and with the organizations, I run. I have also been looking and studying the content of the book with what I call a ‘scriptural eye.’

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Biblical Angel to Think and Grow Rich book

Some days ago, I was able to put up the first volume of the Biblical Angle to Think and Grow Rich on pre-order at Amazon. I want Christians to read this book with the scriptural eye and extract the many benefits that are embedded in the book.

As a Christian who has been using biblical truth and principles to put up solutions to problems over the years through the grace of God upon my life, I believe strongly that every good success principle is taught in the Bible. Even when authors of some best-selling books or very rich business people refuse to acknowledge God and His Word, every good principle they teach or have used in their businesses is all taught and is present in the bible.


Check out my new research work on this best-selling book

I want you to check out my newest work in this space, Biblical Angle to Think and Grow Rich and get a copy on pre-order on Amazon. This volume is billed to be released later this month but it’s presently on pre-order at a highly discounted price.

A lot of work has gone into this and it is a continuation of my investigation of biblical principles that can make people create wealth and become financially successful.

So get a copy as a pre-order today.

If you get your pre-order copy before the book is released later this month, you can shoot me an email and I will hand over the following PDF bonuses to you immediately:

  1. Wealth Codes: An epic Christian novel on strong financial teachings and wealth creation (It’s live at Amazon here but you don’t have to buy it, I will give it to you free)
  2. How to Start and Multiply Business Resources: Christian Strategies to Start Small and Attract Multiplication (It’s live at Amazon here but you don’t have to buy it, I will give it to you free)

Again, get your own pre-order copy of my newest book, Biblical Angle to Think and Grow Rich at this highly discounted price

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