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He lost the job before the interview

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I had an interesting experience some years ago while I was running a school for a couple who came from the United Kingdom. A job seeker lost the job before the interview.

It was a very young school. Many facilities were still not in place including the administrator’s office and even the security post.

We were to recruit new teachers for the school and we had sent SMS messages to applicants who had dropped their CVs.

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On the day of the interview, I was casually dressed and I was actually standing by the gate of the school having a discussion with another teacher in the school when an applicant knocked on the gate and I was the one who actually opened the gate for him.

This applicant (probably in his 50s at that time) entered and looked around. He couldn’t not even say good morning and also failed to respond to my greeting.

Myself and the teacher with me were shocked by his rude behavior. But I kept my shock and gave him the instruction we had given applicants who came earlier.

“If you are here for the interview, can you kindly go to that office and see the secretary.”

His response gave me more shock.

“I hope I am not waiting for too long.” He said frowning his face and looking at us as if we were ants that deserved to be crushed with his feet. “Can you direct me to the Principal or the Proprietor of this school. They should not make us wait for too long.”

His shock was bigger than the shock I had when he came in at the gate when he came into the interview room to find me sitting as the head of the interview panel.

Of course, he did not lose the job at the interview room, he lost it the moment he entered the gate. He was fired before he was employed!

Many people are failures not because they are not intelligent or experienced or skilful or prayerful. They are failures because of their negative attitudes and the way they handle relationships.

Surely, men of gold don’t wear gold. Your angel may not always appear as an important person. You will never miss your angel if you always learn to put forward good attitude and also treat everyone you meet right.


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