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How to Fight Off the Threat of Demonic Fear

I have two great resources online on how to stop fear or stop demonic fear and I am happy to know that they are helping lots of people. The proof that it is helping lots of people can be seen in the emails I have received from those who have used them.

Some days ago, I received another email and after the exchange of emails, I felt the need to write something on this topic and also to update my resources online.

I have already noted especially from the resources (ebook on Amazon and video course on Udemy) that sometimes, some fears are demonically-induced and when it is this, it requires consistent, Word-based prayers and spiritual efforts to get them out.

I hope this article will help you to put demonic fears in its place in your life. Please let me read your comments.

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Watch this video on how to stop fear

Stopping demonic fear: Watch your dreams

Your dreams will always point out spiritual situations around your life. What are you seeing in dreams? If what you always have are devil-induced dreams, then you should know that you have a spiritual fight on your hands. Don’t be scared, Jesus has finished the job on the cross at Calvary so the fight is a winnable fight.

Are you a Christian?

You should be a Christian to win spiritual fights and battles with God’s power. Are you going to a church where they believe in the ministry of the Holy Spirit. This is also very important.

I am not really familiar with ways of worship in most traditional churches like Catholics, Anglican and others and i don’t discriminate between churches but I have heard about how they don’t really believe in the use of the power of the Holy Ghost.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”I have two great resources online on how to stop fear or stop demonic fear and I am happy to know that they are helping lots of people. Please read more” quote=”I have two great resources online on how to stop fear or stop demonic fear and I am happy to know that they are helping lots of people. Please read more”]

Even if you attend these churches, you can still attend programs from Churches who operate under the power of the Holy Spirit. I understood from personal experience that God always help people to taste and experience the provisions He has placed in other ministries even if you don’t worship there regularly.

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Stopping demonic fear: You need power

You need power as a Christian to operate powerfully on this earth. It is not just enough to be a Christian alone. That power comes from the Holy Spirit of God. Even Jesus on the earth needed such power. Acts 10:38,

“How God anointed Jesus with the Holy Ghost and power…” Isaiah 61:1,

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed me with the Holy Ghost …”

Jesus told His disciples in Acts not to go out until they have received such power.

On this earth it is a power play; the devil and his evil cohorts on one side and God and us, His children on one side. You need power to pray effectively and also to fight appropriately in the spiritual realm.

When the type of fear you are experiencing is demonic, you have a spiritual battle on your hands. Demons can’t flee unless they are chased out by power.

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How to get this power

How do you get this power of the Holy Spirit?

  • You must be baptized in the Holy Ghost. Ask Jesus to baptize you in the Holy Ghost. It should come with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
  • Sometimes, you only need to speak in tongues for 30 minutes before you sleep. So ask Jesus to baptize you in the Holy Ghost. Don’t stop praying this prayer until you have an encounter with Him and until you begin to speak in tongues. When you are praying this prayer, you can begin to mutter something in your mouth until He takes over. Note: You can send a request to me through the contact form on this website or through your comment; I’ll be ready to pray along with you on this.
  • You must also begin to pray in understanding. That is without speaking in tongues. Let it be consistent. Have a time table. You can also request for prayer points from me, I’ll give them to you.
  • You are supposed to study the word of God daily. Every time you have a project to execute, separate time to study the Word of God at night before starting the project and regularly during the project. Study extensively. Don’t just read, study it. You can also read lots of psalms aloud to yourself.
  • Christianity is a faith walk. When you have prayed and study God’s word, carry the mentality of a Champion always. I should also mention that you should have also carried out some other preparations too before you start your project, it helps your confidence too.

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How to stop demonic fear: Don’t fear the future

When you begin to have an improving relationship with God’s Spirit and the Word of God, the fear of the future will go away gradually. You will begin to have more confidence in what God is saying.

Discover your purpose

I should add too that you should discover why God created you. It is called purpose. I have discovered mine so i am not scared about the future. I believe I am secured in what God has revealed to me about my future. You will have to pray to discover this.

Stopping demonic fear: Always pray before you sleep

Learn to pray before you sleep. Bind every demon causing bad dreams. Say: “I command every demon causing bad dreams to enter into chains. Say it with power.” Read and study the psalms before you sleep at night. You are secure in the Lord. This is sure.

Those demons and devils have their fears too. They fear a confident, Word-speaking Christian who prays against them in the name of Jesus.

Pray for specific needs

Set time to pray specifically about specific needs. God is interested in every area of your life. Set time consistently to do this and watch revelations He will give you.

Carry the right attitude and mentality

You should carry the right attitude and mentality because as a man thinks so is he. Say daily to yourself and to anyone that you will finish your project or that nothing will stop you from reaching your goals. You should also learn to do other Godly things necessary to ensure your success on your personal needs.

Watch out for those you relate with

Lastly but not the least, are you married? Because the people you relate with matter so much. If a spouse is filled with fear, the other spouse will also be affected. Don’t relate with bad friends; friends who are also living in fear and sin.

You should always stay with positive people. This is the reason why you must attend programs in churches where they minister through the power of the Holy Spirit. You should also avoid sin; this attracts fear-causing demons.

Let me read your comments. I’ll pray along with you.

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