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How to have the fear of God

The fear of God is truly the beginning of wisdom and by wisdom a house I built. These are the very true submissions of God’s Word. With the fear of God and the Godly wisdom that comes from it, you will be able to have the power to achieve maximally on this earth in every area of your life.

The fear of God can be taught

I have read from many parts of the Bible how the fear of God can bring lots of blessings and rewards to individuals who have it. Now the good thing is that the Psalmist was inspired to write that the fear of the Lord can be taught.

He wrote under inspiration, “Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you to revere and worshipfully fear the Lord.” Psalm 34: 11.

This should be good news for those who want to walk in the fear of the Lord. You can be taught to possess it.

Requirements to have the fear of the Lord

However, looking further at what the psalmist wrote, there are things that are required of you if you must learn the fear of the Lord effectively.

You must:

  • You must come to the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
  • You must come as a child. You don’t go into God’s presence as someone who knows anything.
  • You must be ready to listen. He can’t teach you the fear of God if you are not ready to listen.

Learning the fear of God is the greatest vocation you can get engaged in and it is one parents can allow their children to learn. I pray God’s Spirit will teach you the fear of the Lord in Jesus name.

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