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How to find a godly spouse
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How to find a godly spouse

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How to find a godly spouse is the theme of a book that’s about to published from our stable soon. Work is an at advanced stage on this book.

This topic, How to find a godly spouse, also coincide with our teaching theme for this month on family and marriage.

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How to find a godly spouse series

The how to find a godly spouse teaching series was done in our Youth Shine Outreach WhatsApp group some months ago. The singles and youth in the group were blessed by the revelations and the practical explanation of some of the principles that can.make singles and youth use godly principles to find godly spouse.

At Zarepath Publishing, our publishing firm, we are publishing this book on major stores all over the world in the next few weeks.


How to find a godly spouse: Check out a principle

I want you to check out a principle shared in this book. It’s a story of how giving and hospitality helped a single lady to find a godly spouse.  Read this story below:


She was helping her future mother-in-law

Let me also share another interesting example. This happened to my sister-in-law. She is a nurse and she got a job in a hospital in the northern part of Nigeria.

A woman was brought sick to the hospital one day and she took a decision to give her exceptional attention and service. She treated her just the way she would treat her own mother.

The son of this sick woman was always visiting the hospital to check on her mother. My sister-in-law would also give the same quality attention and care to the son of this woman..

Now, the woman got well and was discharged. My sister-in-law and the son of this woman exchanged phone numbers. They lost contact for about three years because my sister-in-law relocated to the South western part of Nigeria.

The guy was now praying about a wife and my sister-in-law was also expecting God to favor her in this direction too. God reminded this guy about the nurse who was nice to him and her mother three years ago.

The guy began to look for where he had her phone number documented. He found it and gave her a call. They got married about one and half years after that.

This nice and giving nurse gave more than is required to her future mother-in-law. She reaped it three years after with a husband. Unknown to her, she helping her future mother-in-law!

When you are stingy, you are short changing your destiny. Pray about it if you are stingy. Don’t just give, learn to give and give more than is required. There are plenty of gains. As long as the earth remains seedtime and harvest shall not cease (Genesis 8: 22).

Update about this Christian book on relationship

I will be sharing the latest update about this book on how to find a godly spouse on this page. Please watch out.

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