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How to find your uniqueness

You need to learn how to find your uniqueness. You need to discover your own Identity or your God-given identity.  You need to learn how to play the uniqueness game.

I had to learn how to find my uniqueness. I discovered my purpose and I began to become more effective in my business activities and with the organization I run.


How to find your uniqueness: What problems are created to solve

What problem are you or your business created to solve. What is your uniqueness? Let your uniqueness play the game for you in the market place.

Jesus acted uniquely all through His short ministry on the earth. The bible recorded that He taught the people as One who had authority and  not as the scribes taught them.

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Jesus carried out  a unique duty

He also carried out a unique duty on the earth. He died for the sins of the world. He never allowed anything to distract Him from His uniqueness.

Jesus’ uniqueness stood with Him all through His ministry. He was always saying: I’m the Door. I’m the Good Shepherd. I am the Way. I am the Truth…


How to find your uniqueness: Don’t be a commodity

When you only do what others do, you are a commodity. You need differentiation to stand out. Commodities don’t stand a chance today in our world; only those who act uniquely have a chance of survival.

Moreover, If you discover your God-given uniqueness and talent, all the resources you require to push your vision will be there for you. Provisions follow purpose. God is not a waster of resources; He won’t release the resources or show you the resources until He is sure you’re doing His will.

Let your uniqueness be in front of you

You will only stand a chance today in our world if you have your uniqueness in front of you playing the game for you. You always stand a chance when you play the game in your own field.

In our world of today where the competition is becoming fiercer by the day, you need to discover your uniqueness and stand with it just like John the Baptist.


How to find your uniqueness: Lessons I learned from John the Baptist

I learned one big lesson from the life of John, the Baptist.John the Baptist did not act like his father or try to be like his father. His father was a priest who lived in the temple but his own office was in the forest.

John wouldn’t have stood firmly with his uniqueness if he did not understand perfectly what he came to the earth to do. He did not allow anything to distract him from his main duty.


How John the Baptist acted uniquely

Let me show you further how John the Baptist acted uniquely during his short stay on the earth:

  • John the Baptist’s father wore the Priest’s robe all through his life but John’s clothing was made of camel’s hair. He understood his uniqueness and stood by it.
  • John the Baptist disallowed any attempt to make him act like the Christ from his disciples. He told them confidently who he was and what he was here to do.
  • John the Baptist understood and stood with his uniqueness all through his short life. He told the Pharisees, “I am not the Christ but I am here to make the path straight for the Christ.

You should take a cue from John the Baptist. He acted uniquely and fulfilled His destiny. Your business will fulfill its destiny if you discover its uniqueness and run it along that line. You will surely see a positive difference and improvement..

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