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How to focus on your God-given destiny

You surely have a God-given destiny. Yes, you do and you should put in all the efforts to discover it if you have not done so already.


What’s a God-given destiny?

A God-given destiny is what God had in mind as your purpose on the earth when He was creating you. A God-given destiny is also called a God-given purpose.

We understand that God does not waste resources and He would not go into the production of anything and any human being except there is a reason for it. So God had a specific task for you to perform when He created you.

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Don’t walk away from your God-given destiny

Some people have walked away from their God-given destinies and heaven has paused further growth and development in their lives. This is very unfortunate but it’s the case with lots of people on this earth.

I have come across lots of people who don’t understand the reason why they are here on the earth. They have not discovered their God-given destinies and they are not even ready to find it out.

I want you to learn from this interesting bible figure who discovered his God-given destiny and stood with it despite all the obstacles that came against him. Though many who discover their purpose end up walking away from it, Nehemiah did not do that. He wrote one of the most inspiring notes I have read on focus and dedication to a cause or project. Read the story below:

Nehemiah 6:1-3

[1]Now it happened when Sanballat, Tobiah, Geshem the Arab, and the rest of our enemies heard that I had rebuilt the wall, and that there were no breaks left in it (though at that time I had not hung the doors in the gates), [2]that Sanballat and Geshem sent to me, saying, “Come, let us meet together among the villages in the plain of Ono.” But they thought to do me harm. [3]So I sent messengers to them, saying, “I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down. Why should the work cease while I leave it and go down to you?”


Did you see that?

He answered those distraction agents: “Why should I come to you and walk away from my God-given destiny?” The devil will always be interested in you walking away from your God mission. He will plant his agents along your path to get you distracted.

You should always get inspiration from that golden statement of Nehemiah above.


Have you walked away from Jesus?

It’s likely you have walked away from Jesus. The devil has distracted you. You need to find your way back to Him. He is waiting for you. Get down on your knees and pray to God now.

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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