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How to solve more problems with your books

Are you an author or publisher and you want to learn to solve more problems of the people and add more values to the people with your books?

If you are a Christian Author or Publisher and you answer, ‘Yes’ to the question above, then you need to register FREE for this online training today.


Who am I and am I qualified?

Am I qualified to facilitate this program? Well I want you to read the information below:

I am Sesan Oguntade, Founder, Visionary Business Project and CEO, Zarepath Publishing. We have used the platforms of ebooks, paperback books, videos, podcasts, online courses and other information products to spread the message of the gospel and also to spread information about our Christian ministry and organization online.

We have added lots of values to people and also solve lots of problems of the people over the years according to God’s instructions to us.

See account of our 10-year problem-solving business here to see what we have done with books and other information products.


Google Sesan Oguntade now

I want you to Google ‘Sesan Oguntade’ to see some of the things we have done with books and other information products to deliver the message the Lord has given to us and also to run our book ministry effectively and profitably over the years.

You can also do the same with your book ministry as an author or as a publisher.


Your free ticket is waiting

I am inviting you to an online training program called the Christian Author Initiative under the banner of the Visionary Business Project.

Please find the details of the online event below.

Word Session

How to Become a God-Powered Author/Publisher

Vocational session

How to Use to distribute books to the International Community


First 250 attendees to register for this program will get free copies of our ebooks:

  1. How to Publish on Amazon and
  2. How to Have Faith in God During Hardtimes.
  3. Free inviattion to our Whatsapp and Facebook groups for authors and publishers where we share daily book publishing and marketing tips with members.

Please register and secure your seat today as tickets are selling fast. It’s free.

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Article written by:

I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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