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How to stop sinning. I believe you want to understand a simple biblical revelation about how to stop sinning. Please read this short post carefully.

This is actually a letter to newly born again Christians. You will be able to pick up interesting revelation about how you can begin to live your victory over sins. Let us look at this letter.

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Bible passages on how to stop sinning

I want you to read the following bible passages on how to stop sinning. These bible passages will set the tone for this topic how Christians can live above sins.

“When someone becomes a Christian, he becomes a brand new person inside. He is not the same any more. A new life has begun!”  (2 Corinthians 5:17) (TLB)

“Isn’t this what we told you, while we were slaves, to leave us alone? We said it would be better to be slaves to the Egyptians than dead in the wilderness” (Exodus 14: 12) (TLB)


Now That You Are Born Again

The Holy Spirit of God has helped me to write this letter to you to welcome you into the body of Jesus Christ, the good Shepherd and also to educate you on one or two things that you must know in your first few years as a Christian. This is necessary so that you can really enjoy these early Christian days and also be strengthened to continue in the faith that you have embraced.

I want you to lift up your eyes and read the first bible passage I have up there at the beginning of this letter. Can you see it? Please read carefully through it. I have quoted from The Living Bible version so that you can understand the meaning at first read.

2 Corinthians 5:17 should be the first bible passage you settle down to understand immediately you become a born again Christian. You can ask the Holy Spirit to tell you more about it. In fact, you will have to learn more things about that scripture from the Holy Spirit all through your Christian life on this earth! It has everything to do with what Christianity as a faith stands for.

You can also have a trusted and matured Christian leader or friend explain it to you. That bible passage is the biblical description of the Jesus life that you will now begin to live.

This report is intended to tell you something about this passage; this is the reason why I have written this letter to you.


A Brand New Person Inside

Now that you are born again, you are not a brand new person outside but a brand new person inside. I have underlined those two words for emphasis. Can you take a brief look at yourself (your body, legs, eyes, nose etc.) for a moment?

Can you notice any difference since you gave your life to Jesus? I am sure you will not notice any of these changes and I am not surprised it is so because that is the way it should be!

The Jesus crucifixion and resurrection and your acceptance of this fact will not immediately bring about a physical change in you!

Then, where has the change occurred? The change came on your inside. I want you to think for a moment and check out how you felt before you took the decision to confess Jesus as your Lord and Savior and also how you felt afterwards.

Let me tell you briefly how I felt when I gave my life to Jesus and I am sure you must have felt almost the same way too.

  • I felt very sorry for my wicked acts and I desperately wanted to make amends and this “strange” feelings actually made me to rush out to confess Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
  • Tears flooded my eyes as I pronounced Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
  • Afterwards, I just wanted to read the whole of the bible in one day.
  • Afterwards, I just wanted to pray every second.
  • Afterwards, I just wanted to run away from my old friends and habits.

Did you feel almost the same way too? If you have just given your life to Jesus Christ, you should expect these experiences. It is normal, nothing is wrong with you, it is just that you have allowed the Spirit of God to work on you from the inside of you! A great change happened on my and your inside and we just wanted to do everything to correct the wrongs of many years back!


The Story of Israel In Egypt

Let me now take you to the old testament of the bible. I am sure you must have read or heard about how the children of Israel left Egypt as slaves to the Promised Land. However, if you have not, let me briefly tell you something about this interesting bible story. The story can be found in the book of Exodus.

The children of Israel found themselves in Egypt after famine took their forefather – Jacob and his other children to that land. Joseph (one of Jacob’s sons) was a prime minister at this time in this foreign land.

They settled down in this foreign land and grew exceedingly (Exodus 1:70). After some years, a new king who does not know the story and was not interested in how they got to Egypt came into power (Exodus 1:8) and began to make life difficult for the Israelites. Taskmasters were set over them to afflict them. They became slaves in this foreign land.

God, however, heard their cries of afflictions and mightily rescued them from slavery by sending a prophet (Moses) to them. As it should be expected, the Egyptians would not let go easily. The power of God came in to put plagues on the Egyptians and they finally let go the children of God!

This Same Power Freed You!

I hope you enjoyed the story. Please read the whole story from the book of Exodus One.

I mentioned that the power of God freed the Israelites from bondage. Yes, this great power was behind their movement out of Egypt! Let me inform you that this same power got you convicted and freed you from the camp of the devil when you gave your life to Jesus Christ!

You heard the word; the Israelites also heard the message of God from Moses. Probably, you saw miracles in your fellowship or church, the Israelites also saw plagues ravaged the entire land of Egypt. The power of the Holy Spirit of God convicted you and you ran out to say, “Jesus, become my Lord and Savior today and henceforth”


What Then Happens Afterwards

This is the most important stage of this letter to you, so you must read with extra care now.

Can you see the second bible passage at the beginning of this letter? I picked it from the Old Testament book of Exodus 14:12.

This was the unfortunate statement of the children of Israel who failed to make themselves have a proper understanding of their new freed status. They murmured and lashed out at the prophet Moses because they failed to understand that the power of God which freed them from slavery in Egypt is still available to them despite the threats of Pharaohs’ army behind them and the Red sea in front of them!

I want you to know that this unfortunate incident is a common occurrence amongst newly born again Christians!

They have just become born again but they can’t really see any change on the outside that agree with their new Christian status. Sometimes, the old headache is still banging hard on their heads. The same cancer pains is still sending signals of pains and death to their brains just like the battles of Pharaoh and the Red Sea were still acting out their negative and defeated scripts in the lives of the Israelites in the wilderness.

The children of Israel moved away from Egypt straight into the wilderness instead of the promised land and as if this was not enough, the dreaded armies of Pharaoh were right there at their back and also the intimidating Red Sea was right there in front of them! Therefore, they lost consciousness of their new status as free people.

A newly born again Christian’s experience is just like this and if care is not taken, he or she may just begin to make the same ignorant statement as we read the Israelites made in Exodus 14:12!


Your New Personality

Let us briefly look at what God made available to the children of Israel to confirm their new status as free people.

A fantastic experience of God’s power to subdue the Egyptians to make them free His people!

He made them went away with the possessions of the Egyptians (Exodus 3:21-22)!

He made available an angel to go before them (Exodus 14:19)!

He gave them a prophet over their camp in the person of Moses!

He made available a pillar of cloud to lead them by day and a pillar of fire to lead them by night! (Exodus 13:21)

They had all these and they still felt empty, unprotected and insecure!

This may just be what your experience is at this time!

I want you to look at the provisions of God for you as a newly born again Christian:

The presence of the power of the Holy Spirit that made you felt sorry for your sins. I am sure you know that nothing would have made you come to the cross of Christ to ask for forgiveness if there was no power greater than you that got you convicted.

The presence of the fact that you have all the riches of redemption now transferred to you. Remember that Jesus became poor so that we can be rich (2 Corinthians 8:9).

The availability of angels who must now begin to minister to you as a child of God (Hebrews 12:22).

An opportunity to come under the mentorship of the Pastor in your church. This is the reason why you must not toy with fellowship attendance at this stage and even at any stage in your Christian walk on this earth.

An opportunity to have The Holy Spirit of God come into you to guide, instruct and order your steps.

And many more…

Oh, what a long list of provisions for you! You will observe that these provisions are just like the ones I mentioned above about the provisions of God for the children of Israel.

Remember that the change is on your inside. You must sit down to do strong meditations on these provisions. The more you meditate on them, the more the Holy Spirit strengthens and shares more information with you to make you believe more in your new creation or new status personality and no devil in this world can get you off track!


Please Note This

Pharaoh and his army ran after the Israelites after they left his country because they (Egyptians) were angry that the Israelites not only left their camp but also ruined their economy. Likewise, the devil, who know fully well that your spirit, which was dead, has now come alive in Christ Jesus, will launch his attack on your redeemed soul.

The devil is angry and he runs after you at this stage making you to have memories of the things that were happening to you in the past which you are probably still seeing the traces of them as a newly born again Christian. I am not surprised the bible says we must guard our hearts with all diligence (Proverbs 4:23).

Please don’t fall for his dirty and defeated antics and start making or acting the unfortunate statements of the children of  Israel in Exodus 14:12. Instead you should now begin to store the word of God into your heart and mind on a regular basis (Romans 12:2). I am telling you that this singular practice will greatly help you at this stage of your Christian life.

The Spirit of God will put a thirst and hunger for His word in you, please don’t disregard this important promptings or help from the Spirit of God– rise to study God’s word daily!

You should also learn to behave like Moses, who before he even asked God for what to do to the Red Sea made a great statement of faith as we we have it recorded in Exodus 14:13 (TLB):

“…Don’t be afraid. Just stand up where you are and watch, and you will see the wonderful way the Lord will rescue you today. The Egyptians you are looking at – you will never see them again. The Lord will fight for you, and you won’t need to lift a finger”

Great statement from a man with a great mind!

Even the battles of Pharaoh and the red sea could not corrupt his mind to make him faithless! I believe strongly that the secret behind Moses’ great faith statement was because he had spent enough time in God’s presence to have a “God mind” that will not shake at the sights of obstacles. The best way to stay in God’s presence always is for you to keep a diligent study time table of the word of God!

Please, you can also confess the following statement against those defeated occurrences around you:

“I am a new creation in Christ. You headache, migraine, poverty, sickness, habit and whatever, you are a thing of the past in my life. I belong to God’s camp now where you don’t have a place. I am a saved soul. Victory is mine and I have this already over you in Jesus mighty name!”

You must continue to make these types of faith statements and also continually to do aggressive search into God’s word for more information about your new Christian status with the help of the Holy Spirit. This will make your early Christian days a great experience!

Happy new life and experiences!

I hope you loved the post on how to stop sinning or hie to start living your victory over sin. Please share this post with your friends on social media.

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