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Insecurity in Nigeria is the hottest topic today in Nigeria. At the Visionary Business Project, we believe we should let you know what we think about the state of the nation and the next general election in Nigeria.

The news about killings and kidnappings and other crimes in the nation really call for urgent reactions from, not just the government of the country, but also from us, the citizens or the governed. The security situation in Nigeria should draw our attention to drawing table to find a solution before the next general election.


Insecurity in Nigeria: Nigerians can’t travel freely

It’s so interesting that Nigerians can’t freely move within the various states of the federation. It’s so bad. But as citizens, we have a major role to play in this to bring about the change that we desire.

Proper awareness should be going on by now. This should be different from the ones we have done before because we have serious situation on our hands today in Nigeria.


Roles of old politicians in insecurity in Nigeria

The simple truth is that we can’t continue to trust these old and evil politicians again. They don’t have the interest of this nation at heart. They are only interested in their personal and selfish interests. They have directly or indirectly played major roles to worsen the security situation of the country.

We have been taking for a ride enough. We have a major role to play in the next election – the election presents the most legal and valid platform to effect this change.


Is Buhari the scape goat?

We can all say so much about the ‘dumbness’ of PMB (President Buhari) and how he has turned Nigeria into an unsafe country. But the truth is that when he leaves office in the year 2023 the problem will continue.

During obj (Olusegun Obasanjo) tenure, it was political sharia. During gej (Goodluck Jonathan)tenure, it was bokoharam. During pmb tenure, the evil has escalated. We now have banditry and kidnappings.


Insecurity in Nigeria will grow bigger

Now I am so sure the trend will continue after the incumbent President is gone from office. I wonder when Nigerians will understand the main problem with this nation.

A few set of people called politicians taking this nation for a ride for so many years now. How I wished politics can be suspended in this country for now and we look for a system that will truly address the complex situation in this nation.

Former president, Goodluck Jonathan said recently that the problem of insecurity in this nation is as a result of the power tussle among politicians. He should know better because he was there and he faced these brutal battles from these old and selfish politicians.


What we said about insecurity in Nigeria in the past

A lot of us said thank God we didn’t vote for gej during his tenure when boko haram turned some states into their playground. Now it’s pmb tenure and the ‘season film’ continues.

Gej and pmb are good friends now. Many politicians are defecting to this same apc, yet Nigerians go on social media playing the dirty politics with these politicians.

If pmb is terrible and his party is bad, why are many of the politicians defecting to his party. Are they all taking positions again so that they can continue to take us for a ride?


Situation in Nigeria can be addressed

Any leader who will not truly restructure this Nigeria is not worthy of our votes and support. All of them, from obj to gej to pmb have refused to do the needful. All they do now is to change camps.

My message is to Nigerians who allow these old and evil politicians to decieve them all the time. We allow them to trick us along political, tribal and religious lines.

Until we find a way to kick them out we won’t really have that peace. Until we stop posting comments that won’t really solve the problems, we are deceiving ourselves. The youth began a movement during #endsars and I believe this should lead into what the youth can do during the next election.

But these politicians will buy everyone again with their evil money and they will continue to recycle themselves in government and do the same thing over and over again.

They are taking positions again preparing for the next election. The strategy is always: Make the country ungovernable so that the present government can look so bad, then we can pull the people to our party and get their votes.

I am surprised successive governments have fallen into the same pit set by themselves over the years because of their own greed and selfishness.

I pray God will help us out but we have to also become more responsible too and stop allowing ourselves to dance to the evil drumbeats of these politicians.

Above is our stand at the Visionary Business Project.

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