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Biblical ways of dealing with the spirit of poverty
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Biblical ways of dealing with the spirit of poverty

Is there spirit of poverty? Is poverty a sin? What does God think about poverty? Will the rich make heaven?

The questions above are some of the ones i have been asked on many occasions by people. I have also read some of them online.

I may not be able to give answers to all today but i believe the post of
today will go a long way to give you some valid information and help.

First, poverty is not a sin but it is surely and clearly an unwanted guest or friend. Nobody wants to be poor. If people don’t hate poverty then we would not have lots of the ungodly gimmicks people put up today to make money or become rich.

I believe you don’t want to be poor. If you want to, please write to me so that i can know you and probably i may be able to learn one or two things from you.

Is there spirit of poverty?

You see in the field of spirituality, 2+2 is not always equals to 4. Because you work hard does not mean you will not be poor. There are serious chronic spiritual cases or factors that can ensure this.

We have the spirit of faith, spirit of wisdom, spirit of obedience. These are good things but the devil and his cohorts usually put up their own templates too. Some cases of poverty or other problems may be due to the activities of evil spirits and covenants. And in such cases, prayer is required to bind and incapacitate these demons.

Because it is not expressly stated in the Bible does not mean it may not be there. That is why we have the Holy Spirit to help us. Jesus says He will guide us into all truth. He told His disciples that whatever He is not able to teach them now the Spirit of God will teach them.

Giving remains a great and Godly solution to poverty

Despite all the attacks on giving today even by Christians, giving still remains the scriptural solution to poverty.

Kingdom wealth requires you give to the church, to the poor, to true men of God and to the cause of the gospel. Because some people abuse prosperity preaching does not mean it is not in the bible.

What can attract God’s attention

Working hard without giving to these causes mentioned above will not attract the attention of God. Seek you first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness (Matthew 6:33). As long as the earth remains seed time and harvest shall not cease. Remember that after the children of Israel left Egypt God commanded them to give for His cause.

If you are truly Spirit filled and a lover of God you will give to the cause of God. Terrorists give to the cause of terrorism, why are we suppose to be different . They stole the principles from us.

Don’t be a gullible Christian

If a Christian is gullible to give to a Church that is not a church or a minister that is not a minister then that is his or her fault. That is spiritual gullibility. There are many gullible Christians today.

My advice: Don’t go to a church until you are sure it is a church. Don’t follow a minister until you are sure he is a minister.

I believe you have learned some tips today on how you can put the spirit of poverty in its rightful place in your life.

Let me do a recap:

1. Don’t tolerate poverty. It is not a sin but it is an unwanted friend.

2. You will need to pray to bind the spirit of poverty.

3. Giving is necessary if you truly want to break free from poverty.

And these additions:

4. Discover your purpose. Work hard. Be disciplined. Learn how to use money appropriately. Learn to save and invest. Don’t go into debt until you are sure it is necessary and you know what you want to use the money for which must be for something that will add more value and resources to you.

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Biblical ways of dealing with the spirit of poverty

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