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What do you do when your pastor makes mistakes?
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What do you do when your pastor makes mistakes?

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I believe that is a question every Christian should be called to answer today. It is an important one especially as I have seen how the devil is really flooring and dealing with lots of Christians in this area.

The spirit of error emanating from the pit of hell is common today in our world. This is the end time and the devil and his cohorts have perfected their antics to get lots of people derailed before the coming of our Lord Jesus.

Ministers and pastors making mistakes

Called men of God are falling to these spirit of errors. This situation is bringing upon them lots of condemnation and attacks from their mentees, children in the Lord and other sections of the Christian community.

Some have even angrily left the church without an instruction from the Holy Spirit. Some have stopped being financially relevant in the ministry again.

But is there judgement in our hands? The simple answer is, NO, If biblical standard is to be used.

They have God to contend with

A truly called minister of God will have God to contend with and not men or those he was sent to. When you give to the person’s ministry you are giving to God and the anointing He has placed upon his life. That is why you have to be sure God sent you there- that is always the missing link.

If you stay behind in a church where you are sure God sent you, despite the mistakes of the pastor and He has not asked you to leave, you will be helping yourself to fully tap into all that God has for you before He sent you there. Yes, the anointing of the pastor is still relevant for you. Otherwise, God would have asked you to leave.

Elisha’s anointing helped Hannah

Eli was almost finished but it was there that God chose to raise Samuel. He gave Samuel the first big lesson in the area of hearing from God. Eli also was relevant to give the final earthly seal to the prayer of Hannah.

He also gave that to her to have more children. God puts Eli there and Hannah and her husband related and even gave to Eli. The result: they got what they wanted and they moved on.

My friend, there is a difference between the anointing and the personal life or mistakes of a man of God. His anointing is useful to me but his mistakes is for God to settle with him.

More sensitivity is needed

We need to become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit today especially in this end time. Some things may not always be according to the way we see it with our physical eyes.

The devil is happy when we make spiritual mistakes. He is always happy about that.

Finally, because i have written this does not mean anyone reading should embrace it. Ask the Holy Spirit for the truth. Don’t close your mind. We need the Holy Spirit more than ever before today.

Please let me read your comments. I want you to share this post with friends on the social media. God bless you as you do that.

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What do you do when your pastor makes mistakes?

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