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Ministry of prophets: Secrets of profiting from it

The ministry of prophets is real, profitable and biblical. You have a lot to gain from the prophet-son relationship or the ministry of prophets.

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About the ministry of prophets

I believe strongly that the ministry of prophets is one of the gifts and weapons that God has provided for us in the kingdom to ensure and maintain our victory and dominion over the kingdom of darkness.

The prophets’ ministry is the application of the anointing, wisdom, knowledge and understanding by older men of God or pastors or elders on sons in the Lord or younger Christians to ensure their effectiveness and profitability. Sons are to ensure they profit from their God-sent prophets.


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Sons of the Prophet book will open your eyes and mind to see the huge benefits in spiritual mentoring. It will show you how sons can position themselves to tap into the anointing and the grace upon the fathers in the faith.

Your duty as a son or a young Christian is NOT to criticize, scold or question the calling of the fathers. You did not call them, God called them. Let God do that.

Your duty is to tap into the grace and anointing upon their lives so that you can become more effective and productive.

This book will help you.

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