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Must Christians Pray for the Wicked

Should Christians pray for the wicked? I heard an awful Statement from a Woman Pastor on television some days ago in my country on this important and very controversial topic. She is one of these “TV Pastors.” You see her virtually on every television station in the country.

I have decided not mention her name for personal reasons. Really, I am not writing this blog post because of her or because of any other Pastor but because of you. It is just that her statement had to do with a topic I have been helped by the Holy Spirit to investigate for the past one year or so.

So must Christians pray for the wicked? Is it scriptural that we should pray for the wicked? Now I know you may rise to fight against my position on this topic but I want you to open your heart and mind to hear me out.

Lack of Depth on the Topic of Spiritual Warfare

The woman Pastor on TVC (Nigeria) demonstrated complete ignorance and lack of depth on the topic of spiritual warfare. It was very clear from the illustration she gave and her position on the topic.

She was asked if enemies exist against Christians.

She said: “I don’t believe such and i have always advised people to look for money and give to any witch that wants to kill them. I believe the witch will abandon her plan to kill you if you give her 1 million naira (Nigerian Currency)”

This was complete ignorance and I believe lots of people must have been misinformed by such statement.

The truth is that our woman pastor should understand that some enemies or wicked or the ungodly as the bible calls them value the destruction of innocent lives more than any amount of money.

Herodiaz had a chance to take half of the kingdom of Herod but she chose to have the head of John the Baptist.

Pharoah wanted nothing but to hold the children of Israel perpetually in bondage to ruin their destinies. No .amount of money would stop him from his plans and mission.

How much can you give people who have decided to stop eating just to kill you. Our woman pastor should understand that they did that to Paul.

Should Christians Pray for Herodic Figures?

You can’t bribe herodic and Pharoanic figures. You can’t pray for them either.

The Bible never asked Christians to pray for the wicked. Check anywhere the term wicked was used in the Bible and see what God wants for them.

The wicked here is completely different from the enemies Jesus said we should pray for.

Jesus never prayed for Judas but He prayed for Peter.

Even when Jesus prayed the last prayer for the disciples, Judas had moved out of the fold.

He said, “the Son of man go as it is written but woe unto him through whom He is betrayed” – that was not prayer.

Paul did not pray for Alexander the coppersmith but he prayed for those who abandoned him during trials in the same chapter. 2Timothy 4:14-16.

He warned others about him and said he had greatly resisted the the gospel.

Yet we see some men of God who ignorantly asked their sheep to associate with these types of figures all in the name of loving them. Can you love people who are unlovable?

The Bible Did Not Show Love to the Wicked

The bible did not show love to the wicked, why should you?

Pharoah asked Moses to pray for him but it was never going to change anything. He was doomed for destruction. He had sold his life to the devil.

Paul calls these types of people beast. He did not pray for them, he fought them in Ephesus.

Follow peace physically but show your stuff spiritually. That is where the fight is.

If you want to know the reason why the enemies Jesus mentioned are different from the wicked the bible severally condemned and how you can be sensitive to recognize any of the two, you should go to the book academy to subscribe to receive more information. (enter the word, ‘faith’ in the last box asking for the course you want to study)

In this end time there is so much fierce battle between the forces of God and that of the devil. We are part of these forces of God. We exist physically but we fight spiritually.

If you decide not to get engage in this war, you are not a true soldier of Christ. Many Christians have had their lives cut short and their destinies destroyed because of ignorance and insensitivity.

So what do you think? Should Christians pray for the wicked? Let me read from you in the comment section.


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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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