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Stopping Anger as an Addictive Habit - My Story
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Stopping Anger as an Addictive Habit – My Story

Stopping anger was a task I took the decision to get serious about some years ago. Until I took the decision to treat anger as an addictive habit, I had little success at putting this destructive habit under check. Anger is not generally considered as one of the expressions of addiction but I took a decision to see it in this light so that I can have my victory over it.

I am Choleric by temperaments and as a popular Christian author, Tim Laye, wrote in his best-selling book, Understand Your Man, “Cholerics are extremely hostile people. Some learn to control their anger, but eruption into violence is always a possibility with them…It doesn’t take them long to learn that others are usually afraid of their angry outbursts and thus they may use wrath as a weapon to get what they want … Choleric can purposely cause pain to others and enjoy it”.

I observed I have allowed myself to have delight in getting angry easily. I was using anger as the only bailout route from every hot discussion. It was affecting my relationships and also my relationship with God. God said in His Word, “get angry and sin not” but I was getting angry and taking actions that were affecting my relationship with friends and with God.

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God’s Help in Ending Anger

When I noticed I was always picking the route of anger at the slightest provocation to soothe my nerves, I realized I had to seek God’s help to stop anger. Then, I also observed I was naturally enjoying my angry reactions to issues.

Getting angry easily became the only reaction I had to every issue. I observed I had gotten addicted in a way to the practice of anger and it was affecting my life, relationships, and ministry.

[click_to_tweet tweet=” Stopping anger was a task I took the decision to get serious about some years ago. Until I took the decision to treat anger as an addictive habit,” quote=” Stopping anger was a task I took the decision to get serious about some years ago. Until I took the decision to treat anger as an addictive habit,”]

After I was inspired to see this problem as an addiction that must be stopped, I allowed the Spirit of God to teach me the steps I must begin to take in stopping anger. I also began to listen carefully to the stories of how other addicts have gained victories over addictive habits like smoking, sex sins, masturbation, and their likes.

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Tips like You Need Spiritual Backing, The Word Therapy, Instant Withdrawal Strategies shared in my book on how to stop an addiction really helped me and I believe these and the other tips in this book will be of use to you too.

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The Vision I Saw on Stopping Anger

Sometimes ago, the Lord showed me a vision where after getting furiously angry at someone in a social gathering, we heard a big sound which made everyone run away from the scene. Strangely, I observed I couldn’t run as fast as others, there seemed to be a heavyweight attached to my feet which was preventing my quick movement.

This was a piece of interesting information.  Anger is a weight that slows down the success speeds of individuals who are addicted to it. I also learned from this vision that anger can lead to sin which can ultimately prevent individuals from being raptured when the end comes.

Most addiction problems are weights that slow down the success speeds of people who have such problems. Weights can be big hindrances to anyone’s aspirations to reign with Jesus Christ when He comes back.

This vision was indeed a warning signal to me and I was glad to give good attention to it and treated it as an addiction using some of the end- addiction tips that I exposed readers to in my book.

I also wrote a full book on my experience with this problem titled How I Overcame Violent Anger.

Become Uncomfortable With Anger

Just like I became uncomfortable with this addictive habit, you are expected to become uncomfortable with any addiction problem you plan to stop. When you stop enjoying it, the road will be clear enough for you to find the strength to stop it.

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